To begin, we’d like to make a few notes.

  1. We do not endorse the verbal harassment of anybody, specifically old people. We love old people. In fact, we’d like to go on the record and call this dude a total jerk. So yeah dude, you’re a total jerk.

  2. If you’re at work, use headphones. The verbiage here is very NSFW.

However, we laughed hysterically at this video. Whether it’s because we’re ready for the weekend or just sick and twisted, we laughed. We laughed at some guy immediately responding to vulgar language with even more crude and offensive language.

And no, we’re not proud of ourselves.

Here’s a quick play-by-play:

0:01 – Guy rolls window down.
0:04 – Older woman pulls up in a silver SUV, immediately putting her window down as well. Looks like there’s not enough room in that white trash town for the both of them.
0:05 – Older woman asks the guy, “what the fuck’s the matter with you?”
0:06 – Guy chooses not answer her question. Instead, he immediately responds with something even more offensive.

Now that you’ve witnessed this video yourself, please take another look at the woman’s priceless reaction to this man’s very rude but very hilarious comment around 0:08 seconds in. This is probably the greatest part of the entire video, mainly because we don’t think anybody knows how to respond when someone tells you to “eat a dick.”

To take this pointless video one step further, what’s with the driver?

I mean, if someone told your wife to “eat a dick” – would your first reaction be to speed away? Then again, you probably also don’t dress like fucking Indiana Jones.

We have nothing more to say on this matter, so we’ll go back to replaying this video over-and-over like the awful human beings that we are.