Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one.

Some people are open about it, and some people are way too sensitive about it. In the case of Entourage, the only thing that matters is what the critics thought about it.

The movie and music industry have both become so dependent on awards that we’ve lost sight of the reason we go to movies in the first place: to entertain. Unless I’m wrong, nobody was campaigning Entourage to win an Academy Award.

The movie was made for fans of the TV show, not for professional film critics. For once, do not let the negativity of these over-seasoned movie buffs distract you from the big picture. Like many others, I didn’t attend the Entourage premiere last week to experience groundbreaking cinema.

I went because I missed the guys. I missed Ari, I missed Turtle, and I most certainly missed Johnny Drama.

“Four years later, here comes “Entourage” the movie, and it’s like catching up with an old friend and remembering why you don’t hang out with him anymore: He’s stuck in a rut and he has nothing new to say.” – RichardRoeper.com

Unlike Richard Roeper and other critics, I wasn’t there to see a movie. I was there to see a show that I’ve longed for since its finale. Entourage was made for the fans, and the rift in opinion between what critics and fans verifies this notion even more.

Take one look at Rotten Tomatoes. The audience approval rating was 84 percent, but the approved critic rating was 31 percent (and 28 percent among top critics).


Yes, there were too many cameos. Yes, it’s a predictable story line. And yes, the movie does feel like an extension of the show.

But wasn’t that the point?

After reading a few fan reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, it was evident that I’m not alone in thought.

“Entourage is solid proof that sometimes the critics can get it completely wrong. I am a huge fan of this hit HBO show that ended back in 2011, and this show is made for those true fans who have missed Vinnie and the boys.” – Bradley W., Rotten Tomatoes

Whether the critics got this one wrong or society is just too dependent on shiny trophies, people are missing the point. Not every movie is meant to encapsulate the innovation of motion pictures. Sometimes, movies are just made to entertain. And in my opinion, Entourage was entertaining as shit.

Ignore the headlines. Ignore the reviews. And most certainly ignore the critics.

Entourage was made for the fans.