When you Google ‘American Pharoah’ or ‘Triple Crown,’ you’re likely to read an article about the sad death of another horse (Helwan) or this stupid-ass theory that the stock market crashes when a Triple Crown is accomplished. This article is about none of those things.

This article is about how cool sports can be. Especially when you’re watching them at the right place.

Saturday was intended to merely be a buzzed day of Budweiser and gambling at Arlington Park. Instead, the result was much bigger than that.

Ahmed Zayat, Bob Baffert, and their horse American Pharoah are the first Triple Crown winners since 1978.

Not exactly a Cubs World Series drought, but definitely a big enough deal that I was one of many (judging by the cash-out lines) to put a small bet on Pharoah just to say that I did.

Arlington Park

Big money.

We were born in the 90’s. That means that if history repeats itself, we’ll be fortunate to see another winner in our lifetime. Don’t be fooled, Saturday was a big deal. Witnessing history always is.

Fortunately, THESIXTHIRTY.com was at the best place in the Midwest you could possibly be at for this grand occasion: Arlington Park.

First off, 20 oz. beers were only $6.50.

Second off, there’s no better way to pregame for witnessing a Triple Crown than jacking up your blood pressure with ridiculous exacta bets, high-quality (Canadian?) cigars, a shit ton of Vitamin D, and even more draft beer.

Until American Pharoah crossed the finish line out at Belmont Park – and the massive tent we watched the race in went nuts – it hadn’t really sunk in that American history was occurring that day.

Bottom line: there isn’t a place outside of Belmont, NY we’d rather have been on Saturday. And judging by the diverse outfits at the park, all which fell somewhere between ‘sundresses & hats’ and ‘cutoffs & jean shorts’, we weren’t alone.

Really, there aren’t many better places in Chicago to be at every Saturday this summer. From 12-year-old’s getting their gambling fix to a cool older dude we met who’s been wearing the same Secretariat shirt for almost 40 years, Arlington Park is guaranteed to give you some sort of entertainment – and a lot of prime people-watching opportunities.

Considering summer hasn’t even technically started on the calendar, there are plenty of opportunities to get out to the track. Like June 20th, when Derby Bar in Lincoln Park is hosting the second of three VIP bus trip events out to Arlington Park.

With one ticket, your transportation food and drinks are all covered for the day. Head here to buy tickets.

As we found out on Saturday, we doubt it’ll be boring.