We’ve had enough comedy sequels fail the past several years to make us wary of Hollywood touching any more of our classics.

Anchorman 2? Nothing special.

Dumb and Dumber 2? I mean, it happened.

Any Hangover movie besides the first one? We try not to talk about those.

But after the most recent disappointment that was Hot Tub Time Machine 2, the fifth time looks like it’s the charm.

Because Super Troopers 2 is happening.

Well, it’s 92% happening. The stars and creators of the 2001 state trooper comedy have set up an indiegogo to raise money for what will hopefully be their first successful comedy since the original. And with over $1,700,000 of their $2,000,000 goal raised in just 24 hours, I think we’re safe to say that yes, this movie is happening.

As an added plus, a ton of their indiegogo perks are super Chicago-centric. For $150 you get an advanced screening in Chicago, and $250 gets you a ticket to hang out and get drunk with Broken Lizard this fall at Beerfest Chicago. And for $2,500, you and a teammate can go mug-to-mug with the guys for a face-off worthy of the movie.

But if you’re still not sure if you want to contribute or even get interested in this movie, listen up chicken-fuckers – here’s everything you need to know about Super Troopers 2.

Picks Up Where We Left Off

Though the script is finished (like two years ago), they’re still staying pretty tight-lipped about plot details. What we do know is that the sequel is going to pick up just a few years after where the original left off. And it sounds like our boys in tan are going to be pretty unchanged – minus the maple syrup chugging.

If you want more, I’ll leave you with the guys’ response to that:

“What would be the point of that? It’d spoil the magic of your experience watching the movie. What the hell is the matter with you? You’re probably that person who jumps right to the last page of a book. You need help.”

Same Dudes, Same Staches

Broken Lizard isn’t just returning – they seem super psyched about it. They’re all good friends and after a few years of not-so-great comedies, they’re ready to get back to their roots. And, of course, they’re all growing back their luxurious and authoritative lip caterpillars to be mustache-ride-ready for the sequel. Awesome.

Even Better Opening Scene?

Super Troopers 2 will have enough of a challenge matching the hilarity of the original’s first five minutes, let alone the whole movie.

But according to Steve Lemme – who played Mac – they think they’ve managed to not just match it, but top it. Big talk, Steve.

We Have A Trailer…Well, Kinda

Alright, it’s not a trailer. But the video the gang put up on their indiegogo page might as well be. It’s easily one of the best “give us money” videos out there, and if the script is anything like it, we finally have a long-awaited comedy sequel that won’t suck.

Fox Searchlight Is Onboard

They have their distributor – and because Broken Lizard is funding it themselves, there’s not much the studio can interfere with. This is very good news. The movie they want to make is the movie we want to see.

The Perks Are Seriously Epic

Usually you look at a Kickstarter or Indiegogo, go “oh hey, that’s cool!” and never come back. But in this case, even the minimum donation of $10 gets you a full script with notes.

Hell, someone already forked over a casual $35,000 to keep the goddamn patrol car. So you blew it on that one.

If you don’t have anything to donate, at least go over to their indiegogo and read through it, because it’s hilarious.

At this point, with a goal of shooting this summer and a release date sometime in 2016, you’re safe to start mentally prepping for another edition of Super Troopers.