Steve Nash announced this afternoon via The Player’s Tribune that he is officially retiring from basketball.


I’m retiring.

I heard someone once say there comes a day when they tell us all that we can’t play anymore. We’re not good enough. Surplus to requirements. Too slow, maybe. When you’re a teenager with outsized dreams and a growing obsession, and someone tells you this ain’t gonna last forever, it’s scary. I never forgot it.


I for one will sorely miss Steve Nash. As someone who played point guard growing up (even though I sucked), watching Nash was like watching a magician at work.

Every facet of his game was so finely tuned that the game around him sang in perfect harmony. It was simply beautiful.

While Nash announced his official retirement today at the age of 41, he truly hung them up two years ago. Since coming to the Lakers in 2012, Nash has only played in 65 games.

Canada’s finest has been a driving force for how the game is played today—fast-paced, fluid, and creative. In fact, as we thrive in an era of elite point guards, it’s easy to see a bit of Steve Nash in all of them.

We’re sad to see you go, Steve. But basketball fans from all walks anxiously await your Hall of Fame speech.

(Featured Photo courtesy of Wikipedia)