The season finale of The Walking Dead’s fifth season happened Sunday night, but people are already asking, “when are we getting season 6?

The show has the addictive nature of Game of Thrones with walkers instead of white walkers. But unlike years past, fans will actually have something to hold them over until next season. Because this summer, we get to kill time with a prequel series – Fear The Walking Dead.

In a move reminiscent of Better Call Saul, this comic book turned TV Show now has two spinoffs – a web series (and very unique driving safety PSA) called The Driving Dead starring Michael Rooker as Merle, and now the prequel. Unlike Better Call Saul, both of these spinoffs will be running while the original has still yet to be finished.

With that being said, let’s get to what we know about Fear The Walking Dead so far.

New Players

Set in L.A, Fear features a new set of survivors: “Sean Cabrera (Cliff Curtis), a divorced teacher raising an angry teenaged son. Sean is dating Nancy (Kim Dickens), a guidance counselor at the school with two kids of her own — Nick (Frank Dillane), a screwup battling a drug addiction; and Ashley (Clycia Debnam Carey), an ambitious young woman bound for Berkley.”

This Spinoff Is ‘Not A Spinoff’

The people behind The Walking Dead have firmly said that this is not a spinoff. It’s a prequel and ‘companion series’ that will not crossover with the original.

Which, considering that the new character batch is set up in L.A across the country from our Walking Dead gang, kinda makes sense.

But let’s be honest – saying a show set in the world of The Walking Dead isn’t a spinoff is like Ridley Scott saying the totally-Alien-prequel Prometheus wasn’t a prequel (spoiler: it was).

An Answer To The Million Dollar Question?

As in any zombie narrative, the whole ‘how did this all start’ debacle is one that fans don’t simply forget about. From Rick waking up in a hospital post-chaos a la 28 Days Later to the crazy scientist who we thought would give us answers in season one (nope), Fear looks like it might be the Dawn of the Dead for this series – providing answers about how this all started.

A New Reason To Fear The Flu

In the trailer, an ominous message about a “mysterious disease” and “hope you got your flu shots” begs the question – did this all start from a flu mutation?

Patient Zero

The trailer shows a lone walker stumbling down the streets of L.A. – could we be starting at the very beginning with patient zero?

It’s Sticking Around

With The Walking Dead proving to be as infectious as the disease it’s about, Fear’s already been confirmed for season 2. But seeing as it’s from the Walking Dead execs – including Robert Kirkman, who also wrote the comics – we probably never had anything to worry about.

There’s not much to go on from the 15 second preview of Fear that we got, but there’s plenty to get damn excited.

Because now you have a show to hold you over to season six instead of just tearing at your hair screaming “Caaaaaarl!”