I’m proud of being a douchebag.

Then again, watching Fuller House entails zero thought, intellect, or effort. I get cheap laughs out of a show that brings me back to my childhood, without becoming angry at the world (which typically happens anytime I watch non-fictional television).

I realize I could be watching Better Call Saul, but I’d rather spend my short attention span elsewhere. At the end of the day, sometimes it’s nice just to flip on 30 minutes of the Tanner gang.

7 Reasons Why You Should Stop Being A Hater Of “Fuller House” And Accept People That Secretly Choose To Watch It 

(1) John Stamos put his heart and soul on the line for this shit. 

During an interview about the Olsen twins – John Stamos reveals that he’s the backbone of this reboot.

Why? Because John Stamos knows what the people want, and because John Stamos gives the people what they want.

“I’ve been trying to get this show off the ground for years…about 6 or 7 years. Because I knew how important this show was to people.” – John Stamos

(2) The writers decided to make ‘Steve’ – DJ’s old boyfriend – into a total creep.

In a nutshell, Steve is also a single parent and is re-obsessed with DJ. Unfortunately, DJ (a part-time veterinarian) has the hots for her new co-veterinarian, Matt.

During the eighth episode, Steve reveals that he’s been waiting outside for the entire night to make sure DJ and Matt didn’t make out or hold hands or anything.

Come on Steve, get it together man.


(3) Self-Deprecation. 

From taking a jab at Mary Kate & Ashley Olson’s fashion career in the first episode to making Stephanie’s musical alias the name of her older sister – Fuller House doesn’t just accept its over-simplicity, it feeds off of it.

DJ Tanner?

Comet Jr. Jr?


Everybody is making fun of this show. But in reality, nobody is making fun of Fuller House more than the people writing it.

(4) Bob Saget plays a grandpa. 

(5) As mentioned, Stephanie Tanner grows up to be a professional DJ…

…but I think you can see that’s not my point.


(6) They make dirty jokes. Thanks, Netflix. 

“I’m having an acid flashback, but I never dropped acid. I did take an antacid once. I must be having an antacid flashback!” – Kimmy Gibbler

(7) Somehow, someway, the show is still relatable to me. 

Yeah, I can’t relate to living in a glorified orphanage in San Francisco.

However, my siblings are scattered across Chicago, Nashville, and Napa Valley – so I can relate to the craziness of growing up in a big family.

I’m no longer ashamed of watching Fuller House. I’m not ashamed to be a grown man that finds moral redemption in the less-impressive spinoff of this nostalgia-inducing sitcom.

You have every right to call me a douchebag. But the next episode of Fuller House is called “Secrets, Lies, & Firetrucks” – and I’ll be watching it.