This post was originally published on 4/13/15. We are sharing this again because Garry McCarthy got the Donald Trump treatment Tuesday morning. You’re fired!

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has an annual salary of $216,210. But a certain Chicago employee has made nearly $45K more than that every year since Emanuel was elected in 2011.

No, it’s not Police Chief Robert Tracy who makes $185,004 annually. Nor is it Commissioner of Aviation Rosemarie Andolino, who racks in a cool $186,576 every year.

Could it be Fire Commissioner Jose Santiago? Nope, he only has an annual salary of $202,728.00.

Come on, who else is left? Rahm’s Chief of Staff Lisa Shrader? Fat chance.

That man whispering sweet nothings into Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s ear?

His name is Garry McCarthy, and he is the Police Superintendent of Chicago. Mr. McCarthy currently makes $260,004 a year.

Before moving to Chicago, McCarthy joined the New York City Police Department in 1981 at age 22. He rose through the ranks and became Deputy Commissioner of Operations in 2000. While there, he held a variety of positions around the city, was commander of several different precincts, and eventually took over the NYPD’s Compstat program.

McCarthy was hired by Mayor Rahm Emanuel to take over the Chicago Police Department shortly after Emanuel’s election in early 2011.

To put the Chicago-specific data into perspective, let’s take a look at how the annual salaries of Chicago’s mayor and police superintendent match up with McCarthy’s hometown.

The Mayor of New York City makes $225,000 annually. The New York City Police Superintendent?

$205,180.00. Around $20K less than the mayor. So it begs to ask the question:

Why is the Chicago Police Superintendent (hired by Rahm Emanuel) making more than the Mayor of that same city?

Gary McCarthy

Yes, Gary McCarthy’s job has its downsides. But so does picking up trash at 5am or trying to teach middle-schoolers about the advantages of gaining an education.

As if the city of Chicago and its Police Department didn’t have enough controversy to worry about with Homan Square, this eye-opening statistic merely adds to the shade. Gary McCarthy

And if you’re wondering what McCarthy is doing with all of his earnings, look no further than his recent (second) marriage to public defender turned personal injury attorney Kristin Barnette.

Last December, the Law and Order power couple tied the knot on New Years Eve.

Seeing as Barnette is 20 years younger than McCarthy, we have to assume all of that dug up gold was buried by the police superintendent himself.