Unfortunately, the most famous Sunday of the year has come and gone. The competition was steep, the stakes were high, and the world (of America) was watching.

But as great as the Puppy Bowl was, the real competition yesterday came from the Jimmy Fallon/Will Ferrell/Kevin Hart three-way after the game.

Lip sync battle three-way, that is.

Will Ferrell kicked off the competition with Queen Bae’s “Drunk In Love.” And he set the bar high with a sensual crouching Ferrell, hidden Dragon floor dance that the Dragon himself, Dale Doback, would have been jealous of.

Because if there’s any word that perfectly sums up Will Ferrell, it’s sensual. Trust me, I’m a lady.


Then Jimmy unleashed his not-so-inner rockstar in what was supposed to be funny, but actually ended up being all the sexy that Ferrell’s crawl dance wasn’t. Not gonna lie, there was something crazy-sexy about the beginning of Jimmy Fallon rocking out to the chorus of “Since U Been Gone.”


There’s nothing better to see in competition than good sportsmanship. And Fallon helping Hart with the slight height difference between him and his competition was pretty heartwarming. (You’re welcome for not writing Hartwarming.)


And then, much like anyone who listens to John Legend’s “All Of Me,” Kevin Hart’s feels just got too sexy for his shirt.


And left no one unaffected.


That gif has no doubt become this writer’s vote for best “all the feels” gif of 2015; while simultaneously being a perfect Seahawks reaction gif. Sorry, Seattle.

And if you’ve ever wanted to know what it would be like going in for a make-out sesh with Will Ferrell, you got it. Told you he was sensual.


The competition may have been intense, but the true winner here was all of us. Because when you have Kevin Hart, Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell, there’s no such thing as a loser.


(Featured photo courtesy of The Tonight Show)