What is your dream job?

It’s a question we ask ourselves all the time as we trek through school, and it’s one that resurfaces well into our less-than-enjoyable professional careers.

But thanks to the career website, Zippia using Google Trends we can see which profession each state types the most into the search engine.

The results are above.

Clearly, we’re most interested in Illinois. The Land of Lincoln’s top hit was ‘video editor,’ which makes zero sense to me at all. That’s beyond lame.

I was hoping for something like ‘Corrupt Politician’ or ‘Weed Farmer.’ You know, something I can really sink my teeth into.

But at least Illinois isn’t Nebraska. They literally aspire to be telemarketers. How sad is that?

Scanning further I can only assume that Texas’s active searching for ‘referee’ stems from Dez Bryant’s non-catch in the NFL playoffs last season, while California’s active ‘lion tamer’ searching is so Cali-brah it hurts.

A few surprises include Nevada’s top hit being ‘bus driver’ despite Vegas being in the state’s backyard. Also, ‘meteorologist’ and Arkansas is a match made in nowhere.

If you’re reading this and you’re trying to usher your children, boyfriend, brother, or peer to choose a certain career path just show them this. Match it up with which state they reside in and give them that age-old sentiment:

“It’s OK honey, all the kids are doing it.”