Following up from their insanely popular Green Line Pale Ale, Goose Island Brewery just released another Chicago-only classic.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Goose Island’s “Blue Line” is here.

If you haven’t heard the news yet, don’t worry. Blue Line is only two weeks old, and you can only find it in a handful of locations around the city. But if we learned anything from Green Line, expect it to catch on more and more over the next few weeks.

“The complimentary new and old hop characters are the signature of this beer,” said brewmaster Jared Jankowski. An easy-drinking Pilsner is something Goose Island has wanted to do for a while, and they’ve brewed a unique one. Blue Line combines three different types of hops, balancing the bitter yet slightly floral and mildly spicy notes that are the “essence of traditional Pilsners” with a unique “tropical, berry-like fruitiness” taste and smell. “It has a light to medium body that showcases the lager yeast’s bready, malt accentuating characteristic in a mild balanced way that remains very drinkable.”

That’s the whole idea behind this 4.8 % ABV brew, it’s more of a session beer that you can have a few of without falling off your chair after round one. Combined with the fact that it’s light and drinkable, it seems as if Goose Island has made the perfect Pilsner for summer.

As big as Goose Island is since Anheuser-Busch bought it out in 2011, they’re very keen at keeping their Chicago roots alive. And just like Green Line, Blue Line is only available on tap in Chicago bars. Ergo, the only way it should be served.

Much like summer and a cheap pair of sunglasses, Blue Line won’t last forever. The beer will only be served into the early fall, at which point Goose Island will decide to yay or nay it as a regular brew.

So get it while you can. Because even if you’re not a big fan of Pilsners – or beer in general – at least it’s one more thing for Chicago to call its own.