National Hot Dog Day is a thing.

And we’re super excited.

What is one supposed to do on National Hot Dog Day? Well, if you’ve ever wanted an excuse to eat hot dogs, drink beer, or do both at the same time, there is a day that America deems it your American duty to do both.

That day is today.

In order to guide your cravings for a tasty wiener (see what we did there), we already sampled a few of the city’s finest char-grilled concoctions. An afternoon at Bull & Bear in River North was all it took to celebrate National Hot Dog Day, or as DineAmic Group’s Executive Chef Andy Gibson has declared, Dog Days of Summer.

Gibson has created five, one-of-a-kind hot dogs – inspired by some of his favorite cities and regions throughout the United States. Each creation has its own character, giving frank fanatics a taste of the country in one delicious arrangement. From Cincinnati to California, each dog is “customized with specific and mouthwatering toppings paying homage to the area it was named after.”

Sounds cool to us. Here’s which dogs we liked the most:

Peter Hahn, Managing Editor
Favorite Hot Dog: The Cincinnati “Coney”

“While I’m all for getting wild with hot dog toppings, sometimes there’s nothing better than a well-done Coney dog. And this was a well-done Coney.

Much more than your average ‘chili dog’, a Cincinnati Coney beautifully utilizes everybody’s favorite thing: cheese. Of the shredded cheddar variety. The mustard and pickled onion salad fit in seamlessly with the spicy beef chili and the potato bun was a nice touch. If you’re gonna get your chili dog on, make it Cincy style.”

Will Wilson, Writer
Favorite Hot Dog: The Northern Woods of Wisconsin

“This dog couldn’t be more Wisconsin unless it was wearing a Brett Favre Packers jersey circa 1998 and holding a green bean casserole.

Wisconsin jokes aside, it was phenomenal. First of all, it’s a venison dog. For those of you who don’t know what venison is, go watch Bambi and know that his mother was probably just as delicious.

The caramelized onions and beer mustard compliment everything perfectly, bringing a smoky, tangy taste to every bite. As for the Jalapeno Jack cheese curds—literally icing on the meat cake.”

Are these hot dogs making you all hot and bothered? Settle your taste buds and head into Bull & Bear for Dog Days of Summer.

Here’s their lineup for the rest of the week:

Wednesday, July 23rd 

“Miami Vice”
Turkey dog, mojo braised pork, spicy pickle, mustard aioli, swiss cheese, shredded lettuce, toasted garlic bun.

Thursday, July 24

“The Northern Woods of Wisconsin”
Venison dog, fried jalapeno jack cheese curds, caramelized onion, juniper-beer mustard, soft bun.

Friday, July 25th 

“New Orleans Po’ Boy”
Andouille sausage, olive relish, frisee, crispy salami, provolone, remoulade, sesame bun.