President Obama loves St. Patrick’s Day.

Just like every single holiday that exists anywhere relevant to the United States – the president and his family make sure to celebrate the holiday accordingly. And by accordingly, we mean “celebrate the holiday in the absolutely most cliche way possible.”

In 2009, Michelle Obama insisted that the fountain in front of the White House is dyed green in honor of the holiday. This ritual, which Michelle Obama probably didn’t think of herself, was inspired by the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in her hometown of Chicago.

Yes, we know that President Obama has Irish roots on his mother’s side. But we have trouble believing that when there’s photographic evidence Barack Obama didn’t know what a Guinness tasted like until four years ago.

In 2011, President Obama enjoyed a Guinness straight from Ireland when he made a visit there with Michelle for the holiday. According to the president, “I tried one of these and I realized it tastes so much better here than it does in the states,” he said. “What I realized was that you guys, you’re keeping all the best stuff here.”

Just a quick sidenote, that above quote is actually true. Anybody that’s ever been to Ireland (or the United Kingdom) knows that Guinness tastes like golden heaven when it’s tapped that close to the birthplace. And, this article scientifically proves it.

Still, we’ve drunken a beer before. And as we mentioned a few weeks ago, there’s nothing better than a fresh pint of Guinness.

So we can tell you with confidence that this isn’t what your face looks like when you enjoy a Guinness: 


And we can also tell you that this isn’t the face you make when you say, “mmm…that was a good beer.”


According to, Obama would not be the first U.S. president to be a bit turned off by it.

In 1984, Ronald Reagan rejected the Guinness and instead posed for photographers with a pint of Smithwicks.

In 1995, Bill Clinton stopped at a pub in Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day, but reportedly “barely sipped his stout.”

In 2006, George W. Bush was still a recovering alcoholic. We’ll let you do the math.

Whether or not President Obama actually enjoys Guinness, we don’t know. But from the looks of his schedule from today, he does genuinely enjoy the holiday.

This morning, the president met with Irish Prime Minister, Enda Kenny. According to USA Today, they were to discuss “issues of mutual concern.” But really, the meeting is an annual rite of St. Patrick’s Day.

Later on, Obama and Kenny attended the St. Patrick’s Day lunch at the U.S. Capitol – followed by a St. Patrick’s Day reception dinner at the White House.

The U.S. president also had another meeting list on his public schedule, an afternoon session with Defense Secretary Ashton Carter. The meeting’s discussion topics included:

  • The fight against the Islamic State in Iraq.
  • The fight against the Islamic State in Syria.
  • And, Russian aggression in Ukraine.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Now get back to work, Mr. President.

(Photos of President Obama courtesy of The White House and Associated Press)