Headquarters Beercade just gave everyone more reasons to love them.

Last Monday, Capacity Bar Group – the owners of Headquarters – donated a Pacman arcade game to Sinai Children’s hospital – just in time for the holidays.


But they didn’t stop there. Headquarters co-owner Brian Galati and his crew also brought armfuls of toys to donate to the hospital as well, bringing holiday cheer to hundreds of kids as well as restoring our faith in humanity.

With the game coming just three days before Christmas, the patients of the pediatric teaching hospital now have a reason to smile and have fun in a place where that doesn’t always come easy. And the best part? Just like Headquarters Beercade itself, you don’t need tokens to enjoy the game they donated.

Headquarters Beercade’s giving spirit is very reflective of
everything that makes them unique. Whether you’re at the one in Lakeview or River North, Headquarters Beercade is all about bringing back childhood nostalgia through the playful arcade and 80’s atmosphere they’ve created. So naturally, they wanted to give back to the ones who childhood nostalgia is most important to.

TheSixThirty_HeadquartersBeercadeDonates_InContent_030315This isn’t the first time Headquarters has  given back to the community. Capacity Bar Group actually flexes its philanthropic muscles quite often, carrying out their annual (and awesomely named) “Don’t Be a Jerky” turkey drive, which collects turkeys for food banks. They’ve done this drive for the past three years, gathering a whopping 500+ turkeys to donate to food banks in time for Thanksgiving two years ago.

Headquarters truly knows how to give back to those who don’t always have the luxury of getting into the holiday spirit. And the fact that they only posted a few photos and short blurbs about it shows that it was done in a pretty selfless fashion. And during such a crazy time in the world, it’s nice to see little acts of kindness that have a big impact.

So now we all have more incentive to play, drink, and be merry at Headquarters. Because by supporting them, you’re also supporting the good causes they donate towards.

Not that any incentive to hang out at Headquarters was needed. But hey, now you can drink with a purpose.

(In-content photos courtesy of Headquarters Beercade)