When the biggest headline in sports is about a running back and a party he’s hosting, you know that that the NFL season couldn’t come any sooner.

When LeSean “Shady” McCoy Instagrammed this invitation to a “back to work” party, buzz spread like wildfire. That’s because this party, which may or may not have gone down this weekend, was female only. And subsequently, the NFL media decided to take Shady’s party theme a little too literally.

If you’re a professional athlete, you’re under the microscope all day, every day. When it’s the dead of July, training camp hasn’t even started and NFL media is begging for storylines.

They’ll run with anything, especially an Instagram of a party invite for 21+ females only that requires a signed confidentiality agreement. Everyone called this move wildly creepy. Well, you’re wrong.

It’s not creepy. It’s the smartest thing I’ve seen an athlete do off-the-field in a long ass time. Don’t worry, LeSean, I got your back.

This move was pure genius. Even the RSVP email response was so thoroughly planned out that McCoy was making sure he wasn’t responsible for any of the shenanigans people would eventually pull at this verifiable rager.

Drake, the modern-day prophet, versed this in ‘Lord Knows’,

“And this girl right here, who knows what she knows?
So I’m going through her phone if she go to the bathroom
And her purse right there, I don’t trust these hoes at all
But that’s just the result of me paying attention
To all these women that think like men with the same intentions
Talking strippers and models that try to gain attention”

That’s the damn truth. LeSean McCoy wasn’t being creepy. He’s trying to cover his own ass.

Bitches are out there trifling, and you can never be too careful if you’re a stud athlete in the spotlight.

I mean, just look at the all the athletes that have gotten in trouble over random women who come at them for their money. Shit, I bet you Paul George wishes he would have thought of this.

It baffles me that Shady even felt the need to apologize over this, but he did. Still, his apology seemed to mock the elitist nerds of the NFL media (which is a ten-times better move in my opinion).

If you can’t invite all the women in the world to your super secret party, then you might as well invite everyone you have beef with instead. In an Instagram (below) posted before the party began, LeSean also decided to add the following to his list:

  • Donald Trump (on the 1’s and 2’s)
  • Rex Ryan
  • Chip Kelly
  • Roger Godell (believe he meant “Roger Goodell)
  • Barack (believe he was referring to President Barack Obama_
  • Carly Lloyd
  • Drake AND Meek Mill

Since the media and Internet took my before camp party outta context , I had to switch up my party strategy . So tonight I’ll be inviting everyone to my back to business party . Featuring DJ @DonaldTrump on the 1’s and 2’s . Special invited guests @RexRyan , @chipKelly ,@Rogergodell , my man Barack .oprah, Carli Llyod , and even that terrible waiter with the awful service from the burger joint is invited. Don’t bring your Id because there won’t be any alcohol anyway. Open smoothie bar all night tho . Don’t worry bout the confidentiality agreement. No only are ladies invited but everyone is invited , except hulk hogan he can’t come . Maybe even @meekmill and @drake will hit the stage together . Turn up time party time !!!! #shadyinvite #djdonald #donaldplaylist #billsmafia #smoothiebar #byebyeoffseason

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The world is still waiting on confirmation that this shin-dig even went down yesterday, but if it did, we’re not going to hear about it from anyone else except for Shady himself.

You call it stupid, I call that genius.