Hong Kong is technically ruled by China, but as evident from this video – they play by their own rules.

At some point during the chaos of these student-led (pro-democracy) protests, the man seen in this video one-handed a tear gas grenade and hurled it down the street. While entertaining, this video should actually help illustrate the vehement battle for free election going down in Hong Kong right now.

Here’s the short scoop: Hong Kong used to be a British colony. When they handed it over to China in 1997, a deal was made that they would have the freedom to elect their own officials by 2017. Now, China is demanding control over who those candidates are.

So, maybe stop bitching about how expensive your iced coffee was this morning. Because now you know what it looks like to truly fight for a democracy.

Hong Kong Protester Catches Tear Gas Grenade, Chucks It Back:

(via Chen Bing, Facebook)