There’s a new sensation on Instagram, and it’s quite possibly the hottest thing since #FoodPorn.

Let me introduce you to @HotDudesReading.

Besides being a bookworm’s daydream (for those attracted to males, of course) – @HotDudesReading is exactly what it sounds like, an account solely featuring pictures of attractive dudes with a book in hand.

But, @HotDudesReading doesn’t just post pictures of pretty faces reading. Okay fine, that’s exactly what they do. And just like every great idea, they thought of it first.

“We’ve always chatted about falling in love on our subway commutes and organically began sending these pictures to one another,” says one of the founders of HDR – all of whom wish to remain mysterious and anonymous. “We noticed the hottest dudes always had books in their hands, so jokingly one of us mentioned we should make an Instagram about it.”

TheSIxThirty_HotDudesReading_LanceBass_022415The account started as a joke and boredom-cure on a snowy afternoon in early February. But after NSYNC’s Lance Bass tweeted about the account, it completely blew up.

There’s not typically such a thing as an overnight success. Musicians who become huge overnight were struggling artists for years beforehand. Comedians who get a big break get booed off the stage a few times before they can be met with cheering crowds.

But in the case of @HotDudesReading? Not so much.

Just three weeks after their account started up, they’ve already hit over 366,000 followers. If you look at the account, you can tell how young it is, with just 26 photos to boast.

If it took less than a month to gain literally hundreds of thousands of followers, then there’s no denying that the next big Instagram buzz has arrived.

Now, there are only two rules.

  1. The dude has to be a looker.

  2. No kindles.

While the account certainly makes reading cool again (not that it ever became uncool), seeing what somebody is reading also serves as somewhat of a gateway to the soul. As one of the creators told me, “Showing the world what book you’re reading can also give you a glimpse into who this stranger really is.

But these are still strangers we’re talking about. And you have to begin wondering, are these photos stealthy or just creepy? Luckily for the people that created @HotDudesReading (and their hundreds of thousands of fans), the dudes themselves have given it the flattered stamp of approval.

One of these “dudes” was even featured and interviewed in a post on

“The dudes and their friends have been quick to identify themselves in the comments and by regramming on their own pages. So far, they have all loved it!”

@HotDudesReading is kind of like National Geographic. It captures beautiful creatures in their natural habitat of grabbing a literary-quickie during the daily commute. And while most of the pictures are taken by the group of girls that started the account in New York City subways, submissions from all around the world are starting to pour in.

They say don’t judge a book by its cover…but when you’re judging someone by whether or not they have a book cover in hand, you’re a little justified. @HotDudesReading gives a shoutout to those particular males who are in touch with a time when a ‘bookmark’ was more tangible than simply tapping your bookmarks bar on your iPad.

And for that, we thank them.

Dudes, keep on reading.

@HotDudesReading, keep on posting.

And to all you Chicagoans who appreciate a man of good literary taste? Keep your eyes peeled.

(Featured photos courtesy of the HotDudesReading Instagram)