There is a time and a place for healthy food that is ‘good for you.’

Super Bowl Sunday is not that time or place.

Thanksgiving, Christmas/Hanukkah, Halloween, your birthday, and Super Bowl Sunday are the five times that you are given a legit calorie hall pass.

You can go back to your kale chips, apples, and freakin quinoa bars any other day, you nerdivore. But if you don’t allow yourself to at least sample the 12-billion layer cheese dip on Super Bowl Sunday? Well then, my friend, you are not a true American and could benefit from some lessons from sir Ron Swanson.

But alright, that doesn’t change the fact that while we love the fatty, greasy, probably-not-even-organic-anymore foods that are typical of Super Bowl Sunday, our bodies? Don’t love it so much.

Basically hate us for it actually.

So personal trainer Craig Ramsay – who’s trained the likes of Anna Kendrick and Jennifer Coolidge – has come up with a breakdown of some of our favorite foods, how many calories are in them and, most importantly, how long it’ll take to burn those calories off.

Because he gets it. Yeah, these foods aren’t so great for the waistline or arteries…but they’re damn delicious. Let’s not kid ourselves.

It’s a handy guide to refer to when trying to pace yourself on Super Bowl Sunday, and so you know how to tackle (pun intended) all that post-game bloat and regret.

Don’t worry, it’s just one day. You’ll be back to being as deflated around the waist as a Patriots football in no time.

Cheers and beers y’all.






(Info graphic elements courtesy of Piktochart, OpenClips, Nemo, and Triple Tri)