Anyone would be lying if they said they didn’t think about what kind of old person you’re going to be when you get, well, old.

Are you going to be grumpy? Crazy? Throwing stuff at kids on your lawn? Super chill old person with a one-hand hold on your motorized wheelchair thing?

Well now there’s a whole new standard of what makes an old person awesome. Because this old guy got a gun pointed at his head and couldn’t have given less of a shit.

This store was in the midst of being robbed by a guy wielding a gun, and it wasn’t really a mystery – the gun man was in the doorway of the place. Any normal person would wait to get their milk or Orbit gum or whatever the hell he was going in for.

But not this old guy.

The dude just strolls straight in. And when the gunman points the gun not just at, but to his forehead? He doesn’t back down.

He knocks this guy’s gun-holding hand away like “get out of the way son, I’m going to get my beer.”

It’s kind of like watching a gazelle charge a lion. The lion doesn’t really know what to do. The food usually runs away, not towards it. So the lion figures “fuck it, I’m out” and doesn’t even deal with it anymore.

And now we know how to deal with a guy pointing a gun at your head when you’re doing some typical grocery shopping. Thanks old guy.