Here’s a video that spoofs Jesus Christ while mocking the lack of ethics in modern advertising at the same time.

Did we die and go to heaven?

1one Productions is a full-service creative production company from Montreal (that’s in Canada), and according to our extensive research – they’re the ones responsible for this brilliant depiction of Jesus Christ and his Twelve Apostles.

In the self-promotional video below, Jesus and his apostles can be seen plotting his most incredible stunt (miracle) yet: walking on water.

After the creative department alleviates his concerns about water (apparently Jesus was afraid of drowning), 1one Productions was there to push the deal through the door by ensuring Jesus Christ they can pull off the stunt.

Turning water into wine? Healing the blind? Feeding thousands with only a few loaves of bread and a few fish? That was just the beginning.

[quote_center]”Walk…on…water…? Sounds catchy. I mean, I see how it could go social.”[/quote_center]

The best part of all? The best part of all wasn’t even the actual video.

Although it was masterfully executed all the way through, we found the commentary on Ad Week’s article even more entertaining.

Here’s a few snippets:

Picture 1

Whenever you mix comedy and religion, you’re bound to ruffle a few feathers. And if you mix comedy and religion into a hilarious and well-produced video short, you’re bound to go viral.

Picture 2

And finally, we saved the best for last:

Picture 3

Yah Tammi, that’s why 1one Productions made this video.

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