Delta Chi at the University of Illinois is under fire for a rather untimely sign they posted in their front yard this past Homecoming weekend.

We’re all for good jokes around here, but “Gut The Gophers” is definitely a little graphic. Illinois is a damn good school, with some pretty smart people. But clearly, the people involved in making this were too busy painting to stop and think.

There’s a good chance that some drunk, fifth-year senior woke up a bunch of pledges at 4am to paint this in the parking lot while he proved he can drink a beer and take a lipper at the same time. Then again, there’s a good chance that a simple act of school pride got taken in completely the wrong way.

But it’s not that complicated. This sign is a depiction of Chief Illiniwek – a cherished (but university-banned) mascot – gutting the mascot of the Minnesota Gophers. While they may only be flagged for violating “school mascot code” (if that’s even a thing) – something tells us that’s not what got them a call from the dean.

Whatever you think about the sign, it’s been reported that members of the fraternity are expected to meet with University of Illinois officials about it. We have no idea when they’re supposed to meet, and we don’t really care that much either.

Here’s the official statement:

“While we respect constitutional protections of speech and expression, the (fraternity’s) display was disappointing and inconsistent with our commitment to a welcoming community,” UI spokeswoman Robin Kaler said. “We want the chapter to reflect on the impact their behavior has on fellow students and the campus climate.”

Only time will tell if the Oneida Indian Nation has a perennial PR field day with this one.

(Tweet and photo courtesy of @stevesalaita)