We’re not big fans of misguided titles, so we apologize for making the upcoming election for Chicago’s mayor sound so exciting. As you can see from the facts below, it’s likely that this election will be anything but that.

In case you didn’t know (and you probably didn’t know if you skew towards our primary audience’s demographic), the election for Chicago’s next mayor will take place on Tuesday, February 24th. Mayor Emanuel will be making his first attempt at the seat as the incumbent, and from the looks of it – he doesn’t have much competition.

In summary – all you’re really voting for is the guy that will completely fuck you over in taxes and subsequently get blamed for Chicago’s ramped, gang-related violence and a shitty schooling system – even though his direct control over those issues are actually very limited.

Now that we’ve got that covered, here’s the latest polling results as of January 31st, according to Ogden & Fry:

Rahm Emanuel: 41.7%
Jesús Garcia: 16.6%
Robert (Bob) Fioretti: 6.7%
Willie Wilson: 9.7%
William Walls: 1.7%

According to ABC7 Chicago, and the information we literally just posted above, media polls suggest that Mayor Rahm Emanuel is still short of the 50 percent plus one majority needed for a first-round victory. And although Emanuel referred to candidate Jesus “Chuy” Garcia’s upcoming commercial as an “ad attack,” it seems a little rough-housing might actually be in order for anybody to have a chance of victory against the incumbent.

Another candidate, self-funded businessman Willie Wilson, began buying TV time on a smaller scale last month. But the other candidates, Alderman Bob Fioretti and William Walls, have not aired advertisements on television.

From our eyes, this race was null the second we took a closer look at the numbers behind it. And more specifically, the numbers behind each candidate’s social media following.


If you’re sitting there – behind your Dell from 2006 – saying to yourself, “social media has no relevance to the election for Chicago’s Mayor,” then you’re wrong.

You are brutally, brutally wrong.

Here’s why: Rahm Emanuel’s advantage over the competition on social media is absolutely striking. And that, above all else, is why there will be no runoff on April 7th.

Whether this following was paid for or not paid for, the numbers don’t lie.

Rahm Emanuel has nearly 200,000 total followers on social media. The next closest candidate, Bob Fioretti, has less than 20,000 total followers.

We’ll let you do the rest of the math.