If you own an iPhone, then you are being followed.

Apple uses your iPhone as a tracking device, and you didn’t even know it.

While it remains a lesser known function of Apple’s iPhone settings, the Frequency Location Map allows Apple to track every location you and your iPhone have travelled to since turning it on for the first time.

Humanity deserves the freedom to choose whether or not their whereabouts are known, and Apple has taken it upon themselves to disallow this from happening.

I say bollocks.

Unless you are using your map application to travel, your location services really provide no benefit outside of Apple (and conjoining applications) monitoring your everyday actions.

Want to join me in putting an end to the madness?

Just follow these 8 steps to ensure that this is the last time Apple uses your iPhone as a tracking device.

Click on each iPhone image to view the full size.

Go to your Settings.

iPhone tracking

It’s the grey wheel that looks oddly like a honing device. Regardless, click on it.

Click on Privacy.

iPhone tracking

Scroll down until you find your privacy settings. For Apple, this little guy is the money maker.

Enter your Location Services.

iPhone tracking

See that little blue location arrow at the top? That’s your location services. Click on it.

Scroll down to System Settings.

iPhone tracking

Here’s where most people will gasp. When you are in your location services, scroll all the way down. Keep going. Keep going. There. You’ve found your system settings. Click on it.

Click on Frequent Locations.

iPhone tracking

Again, scroll all the way down to the bottom. You’d think Apple would put such important functions near the top of the list, but there’s a rhyme to their reason. Let’s just say this function exists in the depths of the iPhone for a reason. Once you’ve found the frequent locations function, click on it. Brace yourself…

Check out your History.

iPhone tracking

You’ve entered the danger zone. For all you ladies out there wondering if your man is cheating, here’s your answer. To guarantee you will poop your pants with anxiety, click on one of the regions.

View your Frequent Locations map.

iPhone tracking

At this point, you should have begun ripping your hair out. Nobody deserves this much power and knowledge over the consumer. Nobody. So click on to the last step to make all of this go away.

Turn off Frequent Locations.

iPhone tracking

Boom! Now you are free to roam about the cabin that we call planet Earth.