At this point you probably have some sort of perspective on daily fantasy sports and its definition in the world of sports and entertainment. As he usually does with popular news stories, John Oliver weighed in with his perspective on his popular HBO program Last Week Tonight. 

Like about 90 percent of the people at this point, Oliver agrees that daily fantasy sports is gambling.

He joins the New York Attorney General, Scott Van Pelt, Joe Namath, the government, your mother, your girlfriend who wants you to stop gambling away date night, and deep down, yourself.

I mean, how did we not realize what DFS truly was when they tried to hammer ‘Promo Code: BANG9’ down our throats. What money-hungry, sports-loving dude isn’t going to see BANG9 and think let me throw my cash at this and hopefully get rich. The G and the 9 looks just like a 69, this must be awesome.

No. See, DFS is a huge facade. It always has been. And it’s one that I fell for myself. But no one realized it until after it grew to be too big for itself.

Just watch Oliver’s 20 minute clip (trust me it’s well worth it) to get the comedian’s take on the entire situation. Sometimes legal speak doesn’t do it justice for the average joe.

Oliver knocks it out worse than Ronda Rousey on Saturday night.