As Confucius once said: work hard, play hard.

We’re all hard workers here, but as soon as the weekend hits – just like any 20-something – we want to have a good time. And more importantly, we want to show you how to have a good time.

But we’d be pretty boring on Friday nights if it weren’t for our gurus of going out at Nightlife showing us what to spend our time, money, and social energy on. So naturally we’re going to toss the mic over to them, because not only do they know what’s up – they have some big things coming.

Take it away, Nightlife.

“Good evening, party people. The Nightlife team couldn’t be more ecstatic to share a few spoilers about what’s in store for you in 2015 — and I’m about to spill all the juice as to why.

As exciting and motivating as 2014 was, I’m not here to give you our company year in review or retrospective thoughts. We’d rather let you know that we’re diving head first into 2015 to tear down the walls of a typical night out as you know it.

The app is setting out as the game changers in connecting new people and places — one drink, one event, and one revolutionary experience at a time.

Connect With People, Not Avatars

To us, a connection is not some digital relationship between two profiles on an app or obsessing over some digital reality centered around how many people “like” your photo.

A connection is an exciting conversation with a new acquaintance, a look or wave from across the bar, or an unexpected adventure with lifelong friends. At Nightlife we’ve built our locally-nationwide network on these face-to-face connections with people from all flavors of life, and we’ve made some amazing friends along the way.

We’ve traveled to Denver, Dallas, Chicago, San Francisco, New York, Honolulu, Atlanta, St. Louis, Boston, Kansas City, Washington D.C. and many stops in between; all to share new experiences and fulfill our mission in delivering the best possible night to everyone, everywhere.

But “we” isn’t just us, you, or the stranger across the bar. ‘We’ are the nightlife enthusiasts, social explorers, bar hoppers, club-goers, concert junkies, bands, DJs, photographers, writers, designers, developers, festival-fanatics, brewers, bartenders, dancers, dreamers and doers who see things differently.

We want every Nightlifer to realize they have a community of friends in every city they travel to. Our team has made connections with people that will last a lifetime by embracing the “pay it forward” mentality and helping everyone have a better time than they expected.

We are growing our local teams in every city with brand ambassadors, social media gurus, writers, entrepreneurs and more to help us assure our communities find the best things possible to do tonight and every night.

The Nightlife App Gets a VIP Upgrade

While we’re revolutionizing your experiences in person, the entire Nightlife team is making it our top priority to revolutionize your experience every time you launch the Nightlife app. We are recruiting new passionate team members and quadrupling our development team this year to launch a handful of features that will make planning your night even more seamless, simple, and personal.


For starters, Nightlife will not only be available on iPhone and Android, but in just a few
short days, anyone with a Windows 7, Blackberry, or smart phone in general will have access to the Nightlife experience.

We’ll also be bringing you exponentially more unique events, drink specials, and a larger variety of happy hours so there’s an option for everyone. Bars, restaurants, concert venues, event promoters and the like will all be able to create events directly through the Nightlife app via verified Nightlife Profiles (contact us if you’re one of these and want to start listing your events).

And now, Nightlife is not just an informative platform, but also a social network for you to connect with your group of friends. It’s a network to plan your night out or discover personalized suggestions of nearby people and places based on matching Nightlife interests.

Users will also have the ability to link their credit cards directly to their Nightlife Profile; and with just a few taps purchase exclusively discounted bottle service, table reservations, concert/music festival tickets, or even door cover beforehand so you don’t have to wait in line when you arrive.

And just as you connect with new people, you can now connect and communicate directly with verified bars and venues, musical artists/DJs, team members, and other characters in the nightlife space to get information directly from the source.

Nightlife Events – Coming to a City Near You

We’ve found there is no better way to foster and grow the Nightlife community than bringing everyone together for Nightlife hosted events like no other. From Nightlife Happy Hours to Nightlife city-wide pub crawls (we’re on track to break the Guinness World Record for largest pub crawl in history at our 4th annual in Columbia this Spring) and many other unique concepts, we couldn’t be more thrilled to kick off a whole slew of hosted events across the country in 2015.


Oh.. and we may even be decking-out a RV in Nightlife neon purple and traveling the country, Nightlife city to Nightlife city – hosting events, meeting new people, building local teams, and keeping the world connected on our journey to transform nightlife and entertainment everywhere.

But that’s all we’re willing to leak on that little surprise for now.

Help Us Make The Dream Come True

If you haven’t caught on by now, we want you involved in every step of making this dream come true. If Nightlife does something you love, tell us. If Nightlife does something you don’t like, tell us.

We’re working around the clock to provide every user an amazing experience with our platform. We will continue to bring the best of the best to our users in every means possible, because YOU deserve nothing less.

So don’t be afraid to ask if you can be part of the #NightlifeRevolution. We’re just as human as you are and want to connect with anyone who finds our dream unique, motivating, or inspirational.

Thank you to all the early adopters and avid supporters who have been along for this amazing roller-coaster ride since the beginning — no way in hell would we be where we are without you pushing us forward.

We’re fortunate enough to be able to pour every ounce of passion and dedication into Nightlife. And there’s nothing better in this world than waking up everyday doing something you love with people who share the same innate drive and have your back each step of the way.

In 2014, Nightlife engineered, designed, crafted, and fine-tuned a rocket-ship fit and ready for the next mission ahead.

Now in 2015, it’s time to climb aboard, buckle up, and enjoy the ride — city by city, night by night.

Follow us on Twitter @nightlife as we share our adventure with the world.