Don’t let the title fool you, there’s absolutely nothing funny about cancer. But comedian Josh Haddon is mixing his comedic talents and his personal battle with the horrifying disease in the hopes to put a smile on others faces.

Josh is a 28-year-old from Windsor, Ontario, Canada, and the founder of the Comedy Quarry and Border City Comedy Fest, and to be honest, we could all learn a little bit from him.

As mentioned, Josh has cancer—stage three to be specific. And at such a young age he has come to grips that his life might be inexplicably cut short. However, instead of being sad about it, Josh has chosen to have a positive outlook on the situation.

In his YouTube episodes, suitably titled, “The Funny Thing About Cancer”, Josh talks about his daily personal struggles. He mocks chemotherapy, living life like a fortune cookie, and leaves his listeners with one pretty poignant message:

Stop fuckin’ doin’ stuff you don’t want to do.” 

Here’s episodes one and two of “The Funny Thing About Cancer”, and we’ll keep updating this post as Josh continues to update us. Let’s all hope that continues for a very long time.

You can also follow Josh on Twitter here: @hahahaddon.