Society today is hectic.

We’re always on the move, and there’s not enough time for anything. So when it comes to health and nutrition, actionable information is key.

I follow the motto of always having the “Best Day Ever.” Part of the reason is because I live such a busy life.

From a full-time job as an analyst for Walgreens Boot Alliance to a part-time personal trainer to co-founding a organic health and wellness company, Live Better LLC (the creators of the Live Better Bar), I don’t find much time for myself.

Nonetheless, through my diet and fitness plan, I create time thanks to two things: proper planning and simple strategies.

My goal is to spread the word on the ability to make nutrition simple, effective and timely. Every week, Jason Loebig and I will break down our expertise on fitness and nutrition in an effort to empower others. 

Our mission is all about turning nutrition from a habit to a routine, and from a routine to a lifestyle.

The approach is centered around optimizing time and money to give you the best experiences with food so that your diet helps lead you to greatness. The only option is success and putting your mind into this lifestyle will cause outstanding results.

Simplifying a strategy will create a sustainable lifestyle – not just a fad or one-time diet.  You will continue on an amazing path and this journey will become part of you forever. 

Live BetterWe take a step back and bring it to the basics so that a foundation is set, and from there the growth is exponential. Information that is too scientific or advanced isn’t practical. Instead, you can pull relatable information and experiences from our articles and apply them to your lifestyle.

Not everybody is a personal trainer, and that’s okay.

Just like I need time to explore my passion for nutrition, you need time to explore your own personal interests. To aid in pursuing your passions the best you can, eating right and exercise are essential.

Breaking these down into an actionable agenda is my goal, and with that we will fortify your strategy for unlimited success. 

It’s science, but not rocket science.

“Live Better” is a weekly segment featuring fitness and nutrition advice from the creators of the company with the same name, Bret Gornik and Jason Loebig. From workout advice to diet tips, they’re here to make being healthy a lot easier. 

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