Growing up, I was the small kid.

I dealt with three migraines a week from ages 10-16, and headaches every day. I basically knew my neurologist at age ten better than my mother.

My insomnia kept me up all night, which forced me to sleep through every class through high school. Freshman year, I was 5’3” and 105 lbs. I’ve suffered enough ankle injuries to keep the entire population of orthopedics in Illinois busy for a decade. 

Mentally and physically, I know how debilitating the effects of pain and injury can be. And yet, I know many have it much worse than I could ever imagine.

For some, the path to good health and fitness may be too overwhelming. Or, they just don’t know where to start.

The first of many fitness related questions is, “why do health and fitness come with so many questions?”

Good question. But the important questions you should be asking are often the toughest.

How should I train? How often?

Should I eat this? When should I eat this?

How many reps? How many sets? When will my willpower turn to habit? How do I win the battle against the calendar and the clock?

These questions need to be addressed uniquely for each person. 

How will you do that? Here are a few steps: 

1. Educate yourself – listen to experts that share an integrative and scientific approach to health.

2. Critically challenge health advice (yes, I’m even inviting you to do so to this column).

3. Take responsibility for your health, starting right now. Seriously, right now. 

4. Plan properly and be accountable. Remember, 100% effort for 100% results.

5. Make your pursuit of better health both a practice and journey, not a finish line.

Now, here’s where Bret Gornik and I come in. We’re on the pursuit of helping each person we meet have the best day ever. And oddly enough, leaving a person better than when we met them is our passion.

It is possible to change your life through the implementation of proper nutrition and exercise.

I started to eat right. I started to train right. I got my mind right. I hardly noticed myself getting bigger, faster, stronger, healthier, happier, and more energetic – because it was fun.

I love being outdoors. I love adventures. I love being an entrepreneur. I love exploring new hobbies, places, foods, training methods, and ultimately, the outer reaches of my limits. The sky is only the limit if that is the ceiling you set for yourself.

Above all, happiness is a mindset, of which should be treated with the utmost respect and self-care.

What is my firLive Better Loebigst recommendation to achieving better health? Always make the best choice available to you. For starters, choose water at lunch over soda (something I struggled with). As we progress, you will be armed with more knowledge to understand what that best choice is.

In my columns, we’ll talk about several aspects of fitness, goal setting, morning routines, time-management techniques (especially for travelers), developing your practice, and anything else you’d like to hear about.

For questions, comments, column ideas, etc., my information is below this week’s challenge. 

First Fitness Challenge: 

Goal: Complete in less than 15 minutes.

100-second plank

90-second push-press (each dumbbell about 20% of your bodyweight)

80 jumping jacks

70 air squats

60 situps

50 burpees

40 box jumps

30 push-ups

20 lunge jumps

10 pull-ups

Finish early? Try for two rounds in under 30 minutes. Super freak? Three rounds in less than 45 minutes.

“Live Better” is a weekly segment featuring fitness and nutrition advice from the creators of the company with the same name, Bret Gornik and Jason Loebig. From workout advice to diet tips, they’re here to make being healthy a lot easier. 

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