Mad Max: Fury Road is like the nerdy girl who takes off her glasses at prom and is suddenly crazy hot. Or in this case, the guy who takes off the face mask and is suddenly awesome.

Nobody knew what to expect, but man, was the reveal of this film sexy.

Fans of the original franchise were no doubt amped to see what the 2015 rendition would have in store. And people who had never before heard of it were probably trying to decide between seeing Fury Road or Pitch Perfect 2 instead. But no matter what your experience with the 36-year-old franchise is, this Mad Max is an apocalyptic thrill ride.

From its genuine vibe to the keen utilization of female roles, here’s why this movie is progressive in every sense of the word. To be blunt, Mad Max is the most progressive blockbuster ever.

1: It Knows How To Treat A Lady Right

The only people who are mad about Mad Max are men’s rights activists. Because the film may be called Mad Max, but it’s more about its strong female protagonist, Furiosa (played Charlize Theron) than it is about the actual Max (Tom Hardy).

This film is a feminist masterpiece because it doesn’t carry a feminist message. It’s not a story of females proving themselves among men. Instead, Furiosa is a person in charge and her authority is never questioned. And by just showing females (young and old) as badasses instead of preaching a message reminding us that they’re still not often seen that way, in-charge females become normalized and the gender playing field is leveled.

2: Minimal Use of Showy CGI

With all the classic sci-fi remakes and sequels coming out, this is the first one that truly pays homage to its roots. Fury Road has the realistic feel of a movie made in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s with 21st-century camera quality.

Fury Road is a two-hour thrill ride of death-defying stunts done on vehicles shooting through the Namibian desert. And most of these stunts were 100% real. Charlize Theron’s stunt double Dayna Grant tweeted the above picture with the caption, “My view from inside the war rig during rock rider attack.”

Not only that, this wasn’t a mindless action film. George Miller, my new favorite action director, told Vanity Fair that “we wrote back stories for not only all the characters, but every vehicle, every steering wheel. That gave it its texture.”

The attention to detail and sparing use of CGI made this film a masterpiece.

That being said, there is a scene with a massive fire-tornado. So that’s pretty sick.

3: No Major Romance


Take notes, Hollywood. We don’t need a love story to get our rocks off.

4: The Trailer

This is a weird one, but Fury Road had the best marketing campaign I’ve ever seen. Because it gave nothing away.

Trailers nowadays are giant spoilers that straight up tell you every plot twist and action plot point. Jurassic World’s recent trailers show us the big bad mystery dinosaur. Just like that.

Fury Road made sure we had no idea what to expect, to the point that we couldn’t be sure whether it would be awesome or just worthy of another eye roll.

Clearly, we’ve all been pleasantly surprised.

5: Mass Appeal 

In case you didn’t know, Mad Max: Fury Road is the fourth installment in the Mad Max series from the 80’s starring Mel Gibson. But you don’t need to know that. This film does a great job of pleasing existing fans and appealing to new ones.

But hey, if you still need convincing, there’s also a rocking truck that has an electric guitarist whose guitar shoots fire out of the back.

So there’s that.

Either way, after you see it, you should avoid driving for a bit. Because you’re gonna want to floor it all the way home.

Mad Max isn’t just creative, innovative, and hair-raising. It sets itself apart creatively. And above all else, it’s a blockbuster done right.