If you’ve ever been inside of the luxurious high-rises at 555 W. Kinzie, you wouldn’t expect the story you’re about to read.

On Wednesday night, however, a violent crime occurred in Chicago’s blossoming River West neighborhood.

According to CBS, “Alexa Regimend was working out on the treadmill immediately in front of the one the victim was using, had headphones on and was looking in the other direction when the shots were fired. She said she looked behind her and saw the victim of the shooting on the floor, covered in blood.”

As CBS confirmed, all sources and witnessed confirmed the shooter was in a wheelchair. And according to our personal source – a current tenant of the building – that is the case. Handicapped or not, this shooter is still at large just hours after a violent murder. And because of that, all of our sources will be kept “anonymous” for the time being.

Earlier tonight, our source sent us an Instagram photo (above) of the man they believe to be the shooter. We’ve included that, as well as other pieces of information that might help the investigation.

DISCLAIMER: If you have reason to believe the man below is NOT the suspected shooter or have additional information on this shooting, please email us at tips@thesixthirty.com.

More information:

  • African American, Handicapped (and whatever the politically correct way to say “in a wheelchair” is)
  • Man supposedly drove a Silver Dodge Magnum with custom tires
  • Defined the man as always being “really congenial,” and always said hello in passing