Last night The Chicago Theatre hosted the cast of the animated comedy Bob’s Burgers for a night of stand-up and a live-read. But at the end of a Q&A that wrapped up the show, everyone got a little something extra when an audience member asked the cast if they’d help him propose to his girlfriend.

It was something that you only ever see on a viral video while scrolling through Tumblr. And the cast members were more than willing to play along, even falling into ‘characters’ as if the whole thing was a real bit.

John Roberts sang as his character Linda and coached the dude on how to propose, exclaiming, “Get down on one knee!”

Eugene Mirman – voice of Gene – crouched behind the guy saying, “I’m here to tell you yes if she says no.”

And H. Jon Benjamin – voice of Bob and Archer on Archer – played DJ, first playing the anthem from Platoon before the phone alarm started going off.


The cast, from left to right, H. Jon Benjamin, Eugene Mirman, Kristin Schaal, Dan Mintz, John Roberts, and creator Loren Bouchard (above), and the characters of Bob’s Burgers Bob, Linda, Eloise, Tina and Gene (below).

It was a moment fit for, well, a TV show.

While the proposal ended the show with a serious bang, the rest of the night was an interesting look behind the scenes of making a show like Bob’s Burgers. Seeing the people behind the animated voices do a live read was surreal. Their preview of a semi-storyboarded episode helped illustrate what it takes to bring the characters to life. It’s interesting to see how much of a voice actor exists in their character. Dan Mintz – voice of fan favorite and super quotable Tina – is basically a male, full-grown version of his character, glasses and dark hair and all.

It all added up to a memorable evening filled with laughs, tears, and a surprise proposal which elevated the night tenfold.