Ugh, why are we still talking about April Fool’s Day?

As you may have seen from our post on John Oliver, we have some strong thoughts about April first. But now that the day of lying and trickery has come to end, we can look back with 20/20 hindsight and pick out the pranks worth laughing about.

And thanks to the pretty brilliant math professor in the video below, this holiday wasn’t completely worthless.

His April Fools’ prank is tough to illustrate through words.

While explaining something hypotenuse-related, the professor gets into a fight with a video of himself. It starts off a little slow, but at roughly 23 seconds you will start asking yourself “how did he do that?!”

Actually, you probably won’t stop asking yourself that for the entire video.

In addition to knowing how to do math good and stuff, this guy must’ve taken a few video editing classes in his time. Because frankly, this prank has one of the most elaborate (and pretty well choreographed) videos I’ve ever seen.

However he did it, he’s clearly the best math professor ever. If this guy had been my trig teacher, I might still remember how to SOH-CAH the hell out of that TOA…see, that doesn’t even make sense.

Check it out. You’ll laugh, you’ll be confused for non-math-related reasons, and you’ll definitely be entertained.