So an EMT, a nightshift radio disc-jockey, and a janitor all walk into a bar…

This isn’t the setup for a crazy joke, it’s literally the plot of Chicago comedy group Awkward Spaceship’s new web series, Day Drinking.

When it comes to comedy in Chicago, The Second City gets all the attention. But the Chicago-based Youtube channel started by the multi-faceted Dave Urlakis (ComedySportz Chicago) deserves a little love from one startup to another.

They recently came out with their newest comedy sketch series, Day Drinking about a radio DJ who was just moved to the night shift. Subsequently, he gets mixed in with a group of nightshift-working misfits at a 9 a.m. bar.

Hence the title.

It’s not perfect, but the believable characters, relatable premise, and very funny moments like :47-2:00 in the clip above make it a promising web show with a lot of potential.

Plus, who doesn’t like day drinking.

New episodes of Day Drinking are released every other Monday on Awkward Spaceship. Be sure to check out their other videos like “If Computer Problems Were Real”.