If the 30-second long teaser trailer we got for Star Wars: The Force Awakens in November left you wanting more, you’re finally in luck.

The second teaser trailer for Star Wars VII dropped this morning, and it’s packed with juicy effects, details, and action worthy of joyous nerd tears.

While the first teaser trailer was just a taste of what to expect next December, this one kicked open the door. And if the trailer’s cameo by the Han Solo, Harrison Ford, and our old amigo Chewbacca wasn’t enough of a metaphor, it’s clear that we’re going to get a little something old reimagined with a little something new.

After all the pain the franchise suffered through from crappy sequels, I wouldn’t be surprised if George Lucas straight up hologrammed into JJ Abrams’ office saying, “help me JJ, you’re my only hope!”

Because if anyone can pull Star Wars out of the bad-sequel grave, it’s Abrams.

He’s proved himself to be the guy for bringing back the seemingly un-unsalvagable. He somehow pulled Star Trek out of campy cult classic obscurity and made it into a blockbuster, all while connecting it to its roots by bringing in Spock himself, played by the late Leonard Nimoy.

And though Super 8 may not have been a massive hit, it captured the Spielbergian vibe and wonder that SciFi films of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s captured like no other.

Which is much easier said than done – an unfortunate fact for nervous fans of the three other massive 2015 sequels.

Jurassic World, for instance, while it looks cool, is – in this writer’s opinion – a prostitution of the Jurassic Park franchise for guaranteed blockbuster money. The sub-par CGI lacks the heart of the original films, and the first clip is already under scrutiny for being sexist.

The Terminator: Genisys trailer – out this week as well – also looks pretty but was packed full of overly on-the-nose references to the original films.

And Mad Max looks like it’s going to be pretty awesome, but it doesn’t have nearly as much riding on it as The Force Awakens.

If anyone has the best odds of doing a classic franchise justice, it’s JJ Abrams. It looks like he’s managed to capture the heart of the original films while shining it up in 2015-worthy fashion. And the stunning action sequences and hazily beautiful SciFi visuals he’s known for are very present in this trailer (maybe even with a little less lens flare, dare I say).

Where Jurassic World steps on its origins, Terminator: Genisys makes its sequel status too in your face, and Mad Max doesn’t quite have the stakes the other films do, Star Wars strikes a beautiful balance between its roots some new flare. So it might be a bold prediction, but I have faith in this sequel.

May the creative force be with you, Mr. Abrams.