1. “Co-Ed”

Following the US Women’s Soccer World Cup Victory, the young girls of South Park get swept up with soccer fever. Eventually, things get so out of hand that South Park decides to make every single youth sports league “co-ed.”

Looking to prove a point that boys are better than girls (at everything), Cartman challenges the girls team to a ‘match’ hosted by FIFA at an undisclosed location. After both squads go to extreme lengths to prep their team for victory, the game is ultimately forfeited by both sides due to a contractual agreement between FIFA’s Sepp Blatter and the boys self-elected team manager Randy Marsh.

2. “Rent-A-Crowd” 

Cartman is forced to read up on the 2016 Presidential Election for history class. But after discovering that presidential candidate Hilary Clinton was caught paying professional actors to attend her campaign pep rallies, Cartman ditches his homework and hires his own entourage to follow him around town.

3. “Brian Williams” 

Following the resignation of Brian Williams, the executive board at ABC News decides to search for a reporter that will draw in the “mysterious millennials.”

After consulting with Shia Lebouf, Jonah Hill, and Just Bieber – ABC decides to narrow their talent scouting to the thriving town of South Park, Colorado.

When all the boys try out, Cartman’s old-school media persona is ultimately trumped by Butters and his new-school approach to news.

To get back at him, Cartman teams up with Williams to sabotage Butters and his career as a nightly anchor.

4. “Snapcrap”

When Stan stumbles upon the wrong website while torrenting on Pirate Bay, he discovers an extremely valuable algorithm. So he starts a company out of his parent’s basement and hires the boys to run operations.

When Kyle finds out that Stan has been paying him less than Kenny and Cartman, Kyle quits and begins his own start-up using Stan’s algorithm. While the boys are busy fighting over what to name their company, Kyle’s “Snapcrap” app becomes an international sensation.

5. “Roc Nation”

Tidal declares bankruptcy, so Jay-Z decides to fully focus on his sports agency, Roc Nation Sports.

After meeting with members of Congress, he convinces the government to let him establish his own state by claiming the land as a summer camp for young athletes.

But when the boys get to “Roc Nation,” they learn that Jay-Z’s training facilities are less like summer and more like concentration.

6. “LBJT”

After a photo of Lebron James re-enacting the Kim K nude cover photo leaked on Instagram, he decides to make another return to his real home town, South Park.

When the boys discover that LBJ is secretly a homosexual, they decide to help him find true love on Grindrr only to set him up on a blind date with Ray J (who he mistook for Dwayne Wade).

When word breaks on Lebron coming out of the closet, he decides to return again to Miami in search of his real love, Dwayne, and to publicly announce his own level of gayness: “LBJT.”

7. “Recess Segregation” 

After Cartman watches a documentary in class on the Civil War, he decides to fully embrace his history class by bringing back segregation on the school yard in the form of forced manual labor.

8. “El Chapo” 

When Ike Broflovski falls into a sink hole due to Fracking by natural gas companies, President Obama calls on the only man in the world capable of digging him out alive: El Chapo.

9. “Pioneer Moms” 

The Pioneer Woman makes a stop in South Park for her “Down Home Cooking Tour,” and every mom in town attends. After the show, the boys begin to notice that their moms are acting different. They’re dressing different, cooking different, and even talking different. Eventually, this trend in southern comfort gets out of hand – and some of the moms even force their families to convert to the Omish lifestyle.

10. “Sting-Rays” 

Kenny gets accused of cyber terrorism after trying to 3D print 3D printers and is sentenced to life in prison at the Colorado Super Jail (Guantanamo of US). When the prison systems become too full, Stan and Kyle attempt to save Kenny from the harsh conditions by staging an online sit-in protest.