It’s hard to look back and summarize an entire year, and with 2015 just about in the books – that sentiment rings true again.

So, with 2016 almost here, we did our best to paint a picture of the year by looking back at our top stories of 2015. Click on the titles to read each story in full.

Our Top Stories Of 2015

1. These Restaurants Failed The Chicago Health Inspections | October 2015

In 2015, over 1,900 Chicago restaurants failed at least one Chicago health inspection. We discovered this information on the city’s database, and the post received a flood of attention and commentary on social media.

2. Maroon 5 Is Full Of Shit, Stop Sharing Their Damn Video | January 2015

In a complete and utter investigative rant at the beginning of the year, Keegan called out the world-famous pop band for not just producing a misleading video for “Sugar,” but lying about it after. It was as if it was some high-up government conspiracy, but it was not.

3. I Met The Rolling Stones Last Night | June 2015

On the opening night of Summerfest in Milwaukee this past June, Peter got to cross The Rolling Stones off his bucket list — and found out before the show that his Uncle is way better friends with Keith Richards than he could have imagined.

4. My Experience Nude Modeling | February 2015

Eric Boone is a man of experiment. Constantly reinventing himself, we challenged Eric to put himself in situations that nearly every other human will not. To get things started, we sent him to model for an art class. Naked.


5. We’re So Done With These Patrick Sharp Rumors | February 2015

One of 2015’s most controversial stories – especially here in Chicago – we saw past the swirling Patrick Sharp rumors and raised a simple question: at what point is an athlete’s life no longer our business?

6. Snapchat’s New Update Is More Stressful Than Fun | April 2015

Not exactly the most groundbreaking news, but Snapchat is still one of the dominating trends in 2015. Here, we break down their move from the “Best Friend” feature – which as you may know, presented quite a few potential awkward situations.

7. ‘Rent-A-Crowd’ Will Change The Way You Vote For President | July 2015

Chas points out the saddest realities of our modern political system: paid followers. Not only is every political candidate guilty of paying for rally attendance, they specifically place certain types of people in the camera shot to evoke a certain brand. And because of that, our country is certainly screwed.


8. A Millenial Translation Of The State Of The Union | January 2015

A running diary of President Barack Obama’s speech last January. Just like his presidency, it’s irrelevant, but fun.

9. VIDEO: Cottonmouth Sports, Episode 2 | May 2015

Speaking of things that are irrelevant, the second episode of Cottonmouth Sports was without question the fan-favorite. Joined by friend and bird advocate, Nick, the gang starts to get comfortable in their own skin as regionally-recognized personalities on YouTube.

10. ESPN 30 For 30 Presents: Every Rose Has Its Torn… | February 2015

After Derrick Rose had another ill-timed knee injury in late February, Brian toed the line between “hater” and “realist” – realizing that any future 30 for 30 on Chicago’s former MVP isn’t going to have a happy ending.