We love Snapchat stories, as you already know.

In the collection of videos submitted from players, attendees and politicians at the first day of the NFL Draft during its first year in Chicago – everyone in the country was able to get an exclusive, live peak into the festivities. And, of course, they got the event’s mastermind to say a few words.

“I want to welcome everybody to Chicago, America’s heartland. And to New York City, this is what a real draft looks like.”050115_DraftRahm

Yes. Now I remember why we reelected Rahm Emanuel.

He brought the NFL Draft to Chicago and hired the same company that Lollapalooza uses to run the event. Then, he calls out the city that previously hosted it less than one month after his first reelection as mayor went to an embarrassing runoff.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has never shied away from speaking his mind. And I’m sure he’s gotten a lot of criticism for essentially stealing the draft from New York City. According to a New York Times article published a few days ago, “As far back as 2012, Emanuel had suggested Chicago as a Super Bowl host to N.F.L. Commissioner Roger Goodell, but he set his sights on the draft after it was hemmed in by scheduling and space issues at Radio City Music Hall, which had hosted the event the past nine years.”

Despite a tough stretch for Emanuel (and Chicago sports in general), the timing of the NFL Draft could not be more fitting. With the Bulls and Blackhawks both advancing to the second round of the playoffs, the draft has only created a more magical weekend of sports for the city of Chicago.

And like it or not, you can thank Rahm Emanuel for that.