Perhaps less known (unfortunately) in the United States, but the 2022 World Cup set to be hosted in Qatar is turning into, if not already, one of the biggest controversies in sporting history.

Which is truly saying something considering it’s 2015 right now.

It’s so bad over there that journalists from around the world traveling to cover the human rights abuse and abhorrently unsafe work environments are being arrested by state’s police and held without explanation, while their reporting and evidence is destroyed.

We had our soccer guy Evan Hogenkamp talk about Qatar over a year ago, and things have only become this much worse since then.

Today, Reddit became abuzz with common folks voicing their displeasure in how life is in Qatar right now. It came by way of sarcastic advertisements mocked up on behalf of some of FIFA’s biggest sponsors.

This is the Coca-Cola faux ad that started it all.

End Happiness

Powerful. This one sparked the following that include Adidas, Visa, and McDonald’s (hilariously spelled MacDonalds).




MacDonald’s, proudly supporting the human rights violations in Qatar.


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Again, powerful. But so unfortunate at the same time because we’re at a point where the Qatar 2022 situation is so bad that this is what’s created from it.

While this is a far cry from potentially changing anything that’s going on over there, I believe that it might be a decent start. Many believe that the only way to truly see improvements made, or the Cup to be expunged from this country that clearly doesn’t deserve it, is for big-time corporate sponsors to start pulling their names and dollars from the equation.

Until then, FIFA President Sepp Blatter is just going to continue laughing his way to work as the most corrupt man in sports, while innocent slaves continue to die building his gaudy monstrosities.