The general consensus among NBA fans is that the closer you are to the court, the better your experience will be.

And yes, that’s true even if you’re a fan of the 14-50 Philadelphia 76ers. As we learned from a certain thread started on reddit yesterdaylolwut314 had a damn good time as he watched his lowly squad almost beat the (Derrick Rose-less) Chicago Bulls. 

(SIDENOTE: By the tone of his commentary we are assuming that lolwut314 is a male. We will update you if this changes.)

Anywho, this anonymous sideline reporter didn’t just watch the game from the best seats in the house, he recorded every single moment of it. Which, of course, is likely making PR executives crap their pants around the league.


Last night I experienced an NBA game in one of the greatest seats in all of professional sports. I sat next to the Bulls roster (except D. Rose) for the entire game…

FYI – I’m a Sixers fan, and this game was against the Sixers in Philly. The game ended up going into OT but the Bulls won and avoided the upset.

Along with his transcription of what he overheard from the Bulls bench, he posted different pictures of his view.

As the game progressed, the author began to transcribe what he overheard on the bench. The first story involves Jimmy Butler, and what seems to be a rather aggressive opinion as to why the 76ers suck ass.

Funny Jimmy Butler story time:

Within the first few minutes of the game, the Sixers ran a full-court press. Butler absolutely lost his mind and said,“What the fuck? They’re running a full-court press? I’ve never seen that shit in the NBA before. This is why they’re the fuckin Sixers.” He sprinkled one or two n-bombs in there too. It was an absolutely hilarious observation by him. I guess he won’t consider signing as a free agent with us anytime soon 🙁

He even managed to snap another classicly awkward Tony Snell photo. And of course, we love awkward Tony Snell photos.

"Coach Thibodeau yells just about 99% of the time, it’s exhausting to watch." - lolwut314

“Coach Thibodeau yells just about 99% of the time, it’s exhausting to watch.” – lolwut314

After pointing out his disapproval for coach Thibodeau, lolwut314 does go into his appreciation for Taj Gibson.

“Taj Gibson & Joakim Noah rolled in a bit after tip-off since they were both inactive for the game. I’ll have more on Taj later, he’s the absolute man.”

Later on in the post…

Taj Gibson – This dude is an absolute class act:

I sat next to Gibson for probably 90% of the game. Our knees hit each other’s countless times by mistake, that’s how close we were. He was super cool, and chatted with me throughout the game. A few of the things we talked about:

  • 1 – Yes, he plays NBA2K. No, he wouldn’t give me his username online, but he did admit that he plays as himself on MyPlayer all the time.
  • 2- He said he could probably play in the next few games, but they’re playing it smart and will probably give the bone bruise time to heal.
  • 3 –He talked about being from Brooklyn and playing college ball at USC. The discussion naturally went to talking about hot the girls are at USC, etc. just funny chill shit.
  • 4 – He was just an all-around great dude who was just happy to be there.

After the 76ers hung around all game, they began to rally back in the 4th quarter before beating the Bulls in overtime. The video below show lolwut314 cheering in the face of Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson during the game’s turn for the worst.

Aside from yelling something in German around :17 seconds in and dropping a “what the fuck man” a few seconds later – Noah keeps his cool for the most part.

Now, here’s where this post gets even better:

Kirk Hinrich Getting His Balls Busted Story

When the game entered OT, the Bulls really started to pull away with it. For players near the end of the bench it was usually difficult for them to hear Thibs shouting for them to sub in. To help fix this, the players on the bench would shout down to the end and tell that player to check-in. Noah fucked with Hinrich at the end of the game, and lied THREE TIMES that coach called for him to check in. It was hilarious, Kirk fell for it every time. Below is a link to the video of Noah trying to apologize and Kirk having none of it.

Now, this should come as no surprise to any Bulls fan because we know just how big of a jokester Joakim can be. However, it’s usually with the media…not his teammates.


This prank, while hilarious, is also cruel as hell given just how much Kirk Hinrich has struggled this season.

Actually, nevermind. That makes it even more hilarious.

Sorry, Kirk.


“Obligatory sad Kirk photo” – lolwut314

Click here to check out the full post. And as always, have a great Friday.

(All photos courtesy of lolwut314, imgur)