Independence Day is intended to commemorate our country’s freedom.

Most people use the holiday to relax, drink beer and blow shit up in their backyard.

That said, perhaps this 4th of July weekend deserves a little more reflection than it does a celebration.

With a government that’s becoming more convoluted by the minute, it’s tough to wallow in our country’s so-called ‘democracy.’

Since 1776, high-level politics has been exploiting American citizens through blatant lies and back-door deals. And in today’s digital age, the room for corruption has infinitely exploded into the amoral abyss. In American politics, the power of manipulation controls the population. Unless we start to pull back the curtain of deception covering Washington, our country is destined for a future muddled with back-handed leadership and ambiguous regulation.

With the rat race known as the 2016 US Presidential Race underway, candidates across the country have started to declare their candidacy. Included on that list are notable names like Jeb Bush, Hilary Clinton, Lindsey Graham, and Donald Trump.

As I watched various campaign announcements on Youtube (including Trumps), I could not help but wonder who would legitimately show up for a Donald Trump rally.

There’s no doubt that the key to politics is appearance. If you appear to have true support, more support will follow.

As an electoral candidate for president, holding a rally where nobody shows up is basically political suicide. Donors get spooked, the media catches wind that something might be up, and most importantly – the voters think you aren’t worthy.

So how do you make sure none of the above happens?

Hire a crowd. Moreover, ‘Rent-A-Crowd’ through the only company that provides its clients the ability to hire actors to pose as fans in public (or private).

‘Rent-A-Crowd’ was basically invented for political use. Their website lists “Political Manpower” as one of the main services:

“Campaigns need manpower and they need it quickly. We can provide that manpower to give your candidate or cause the edge. We can send supporters to a rally, (respectfully) protest outside opposition events, and help with regular campaign tasks such as canvassing or phone banking.”

To say the very, very least – purchasing actors to appease a negative reputation is unethical.

It’s also lying. It’s also deceptive. And if you think about it, it’s also cheating.

When asked about working with politicians, Founder and CEO Adam Swart responded,

[quote_center]“We don’t reveal our clients unless they ask us to: but we’ve definitely been in contact with some of the ‘big players’ on the political scene. So, the most interesting ‘request’ was for a political protest against a candidate’s opponent.”[/quote_center]

I wonder which Presidential candidate it could be? Jeb Bush managed to squeeze in just about every race, age, gender, nationality and weight class into his announcement speech.

It’s one thing to fill seats at the Academy Awards, and it’s another thing to pay for a sexual partner (in states where prostitution is legal). But when the future leader of our country is paying actors to falsely manipulate voters, perhaps each party should find some new candidates.

Are you seriously going to tell me that Hilary Clinton and her campaign team didn’t have something to do with the two gay men kissing directly behind Clinton during her presidential announcement?

Real political power has become secondary to perceived political power. A politician’s words are more relevant than their actions. And most of all, what the public sees on television is an iron curtain over what’s actually happening.

Politicians are willing to go to extreme lengths to fix their public image. Take it from the overtly racist Senator from South Carolina Lindsey Graham and his two young black ‘voters’ standing directly behind him during his presidential announcement.

Over time, prominent American politicians have gone from good businessmen to great scam artists. And whether or not Bush, Clinton, and Graham hired ‘Rent-A-Crowd’ for their recent 2016 presidential announcements is beside the point.

‘Rent-A-Crowd’ isn’t diplomatic, nor is it strategic. And if we had a say, we’d say it’s illegal.

Happy 4th of July weekend. Enjoy the circus.