This is a reminder that any joke gets old.

Jokes get old when people misuse them. Or when people don’t use them for an extended period of time. Or in this case, they overuse them.

Some kid made headline news on DNAinfo for an extremely unoriginal joke he crafted from watching too many ESPN College Gamedays.

“Troy Dignan brought his signage A-game to United Center for Game 4 on Tuesday night between the Blackhawks and Predators. His sign read “Ribeiro Listens To Nickelback,” which was captured and tweeted about by @ImMattClark.”

The sign made fun of Nashville forward Mike Ribeiro. And according to Dignan, “I didn’t expect any attention at all with the sign.”

Let’s be real, this kid is a senior in high school. His signage game should be way more progressive than this. I mean, aren’t these the minds of our future? When asked why it was funny, here’s what Troy Dignan had to say:

“It’s funny because it is common in social media for people to make fun of Nickelback and others who listen to the band, so I took my chance to have a little fun with Ribeiro. … It’s also cool to think that my sign is making so many hockey fans laugh around the country.”

No, it’s funny because people have made this joke countless times before. We’ve all seen it. In fact, according to my research, almost every noteworthy college football coach likes Nickelback.

Here are some examples…

Will Muschamp listens to Nickelback (Deadspin):

Ribeiro Listens To Nickelback

Nick Saban listens to Nickelback (TFM):

Ribeiro Listens To Nickelback

Urban Meyer likes Nickelback (Imgur):

Ribeiro Listens To Nickelback

Nerlens Noel likes Nickelback (The Big Lead):

Ribeiro Listens To Nickelback

Hell, even Rahm Emanuel likes Nickelback (Jordon Cooper):

Ribeiro Listens To Nickelback

From AJ McCarron to Rick Perry, the amount of famous athletes, coaches and politicians that like Nickelback are striking. Maybe it’s a joke, or maybe the sign-holder is being serious.

Either way, the amount of times that this joke has been made over the last few years is scary to think about. Nickelback jokes were once up there with jokes about Nicholas Cage or dare I say Chuck Norris. But now, they’re taboo.

Thanks to people like Troy Dignan, Nickelback jokes are dying. Because at this rate the amount of people that we accuse of liking Nickelback has amassed the size of a small army.

Or dare I say it, a fanbase.

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(Featured Image courtesy of Imgur)