Unlike the winter, family reunions, and extreme weightlifting – summer is an ideal time to “just let go”.

And if you’ve been keeping up with us over here at the MO, you can already tell how excited we are for it. In an effort to express our optimism for the next three months, we’d like to share our goals and dreams with all of you. Some of them may not be appropriate, legal, and/or scientifically possible, but who cares?

That’s what summer is for.

So here you go, our staff’s 2014 summer bucket lists:

Keegan Goudie, Managing Editor

1. Go on a personal 3-4 day trip.

It’s kind of sad that I have to include PTO on my summer bucket list, but it’s happening.

Location TBD….or is it?

2. Successfully get up on a wakeboard. 

I have successfully gotten up on a wakeboard once in my entire life.

It was in sixth grade.

And it was the best 13-seconds of my life.

3. See Dillon Francis. Twice.

He’s only supposed to be playing in Chicago once (Sunday at Spring Awakening Music Festival), but let’s hope this changes.

4. Spend an entire Saturday on my roller blades.  

Not a big biker, but I love to blade. So this summer, I plan to dedicate an entire Saturday mastering the art of ‘RollerBar Hopping’.

5. Learn how to fly.

Is this even realistic?

Chas Goudie, Music Editor

1. Play 27 holes of golf.

In one day.

2. Go to five different lake houses.

None of which are mine.

3. Attend a minimum of five Cubs games and five Sox games. 

That’s a grand total of ten baseball games.

4. Watch each US World Cup game at a different bar in a different section of Chicago. 

The Group of Death has nothing on day-drinking.

5. Watch the sunrise on Lake Michigan.

After a very, very late night out.

Peter Hahn, Sports Editor

1. Visit at least one MLB ballpark outside Chicago.

Because America, that’s why.

2. Golf as much as possible.

So you know, I can improve my game from really bad to just bad.

3. Go Divvying (if that’s how you spell it).

I haven’t done it yet.

4. Work on the tan.


5. Get to a lakehouse.

…or two.

Carlyn Hill, Lifestyle Editor

1. Shoobie Surfing.

It’s not really called shoobie surfing, anyone not near an ocean just reminds me of a shoobie a la Rocket Power (#Early2000sYall).  But I got a taste of surfing in Hawaii and I want to take it to the 312.

2. Paddle-boarding. 

This is for when I figure out that surfing in Chicago isn’t really good until the water gets a little warmer, plus I’ve always wanted to try it.

3.  Craft Beer, s’mores, and a fire pit on a muggy night. 

Say I’m lame or old school or “your MOM wants a s’mores night!” (she does, actually) or whatever you will, but I’m all about the John Hughes-, Sandlot-, and Goonies-type childhood nostalgia, so this just takes the cake for me…this and maybe a game of drunken ghost in the graveyard (don’t act like you don’t want to do this).

4. Do Improv…or try to do improv. 

Ever since missing seeing the two loves of my life last summer at the Flight of the Conchords Tour (will never forgive myself…literally will never forgive myself), I’ve vowed to never miss out on a good comedic thing again.

5. Millenium Park Summer Workouts. 

This is apparently a thing and I would really like to think that it’s something I’m realistically going to do…especially after all the craft beer, s’mores, and binging on food at comedy events.

Jason Loebig, Contributor 

1. Get a hole-in-one. 

This is on my lifetime bucket list, so might as well add it here too.

Maybe at Pebble Beach in July?

2. Land a back-flip on a wakeboard

‘Sup, Keegan?

3. Start playing the Guitar.

My fireside dreams of swooning women will never fade, nor will rocking a sold-out crowd in leather pants.

4. Watch the U.S Men’s Soccer team advance from the group stage at the World Cup.

Anything beyond that and I’m running naked down Lake Shore Drive in only a USA team scarf.

5. Return net positive from a Vegas trip.

Aggressive, but a noble pursuit.

How rarely do you find yourself able to win the cost of your vacation back?  Is there a way to increase karma for rolling dice?  If not, I’l be getting Loebig’s 11 together.

Tim Coffey, Contributor

1. Rent a Divvy bike with former NBA player Derrick Rose. 

I know, I know – this might sound far-fetched.  However, Divvy bikes are only $7 for 24-hour use!

2. Do a cannonball at a local pool.

Or a can-opener, we’ll see.

3. Eat cake with Michael Sam. 

I love cake. I love Michael Sam.

Pretty self-explanatory.

4. Make out with a girl.

This is the summer, I just know it.

5. Go to a Bulls NBA Finals game.

Next summer (see photo right).

Will Wilson, Contributor

1. Have 25+ drinks on 25 different rooftops. 

I want to drink stuff with my friends on top of buildings.  I have a list if you’re interested.

2. Go yachting. 

I’ll honestly settle for being aboard any sort of boat this summer. Even a dingy.

Really, I just want a legitimate excuse for wearing boat shoes.

3. Spend an entire day walking around Gold Coast like I’m old money. 

Make affluent friends and hang around expensive restaurants.

4. Attend the air and water show dressed as the cast of Top Gun.

Full flight suit in the steamy mid-August sun.  Boombox on my shoulder, blaring a playlist that contains only “Highway to the Danger Zone.”

Not a single fuck to be given.

5. Get 3-day passes for three big music festivals of Chicago (aka the 3X3).

Attend all three days of Spring Awakening, Lollapalooza, and North Coast music festivals.  Survival is key.

(Photos courtesy of Dave Herholz and Tammy Lo)