Sandra Bullock was named the “World’s Most Beautiful Woman” of 2015.

It’s only four months into the year so why is People coming out with a yearly superlative? It probably stems from the fact that it’s People and nothing they publish merits any value.

Bold in its own right, “World’s Most Beautiful Woman” shouldn’t act as a marketing ploy to reach out to a plateauing market audience aged finer than the 12 year Scotch I’m currently enjoying.

How the ‘winners’ are picked for these brutally subjective awards, I’ll never figure out.

Are we basing it solely on looks? Does talent play a part? Intelligence? I would understand Sandra Bullock winning in 2009 when The Blind Side came out. Or in 2013 when Gravity hit theatres.

Sandra Bullock is a total babe. For a 50-year-old woman, “stunning” would be an understatement. Any man – whether they’re 50 or 25 – would be lucky to get to know her better.

But why now?

Along with the winner, PEOPLE announced three other candidates as runner-ups.

One of them was Ariana Grande, a newfound pop-star who’s nearly 30 years younger than Sandra Bullock. Also making the “most beautiful” cut this year was Gabrielle Union, who I am only familiar with from her role as the villain in Bring It OnThe last runner-up, Laverne Cox, is possibly the most controversial of all. In case you don’t know, Cox is the first transgender person to be nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award in the acting category. Her story is incredible, and her accomplishments are doing incredible things for the LGBT community.

But still, this insanely diverse spectrum of candidates should really make you wonder what PEOPLE’s intentions are.

To legitimately name somebody the world’s most beautiful woman? Or is it just a sneaky way of trying to change their image?

If their point was that beauty is ageless (Bullock is the oldest ever to receive the award), then why was one of the candidates somebody that’s barely old enough to drink alcohol?

And more so, why do you need to mention the runner-ups anyhow? Is it because one of them is African-American and another is transexual?

To prove that this is a publicity stunt, not an award, just look at what the winner herself had to say about it.


PEOPLE Magazine | 04/22/2015

Despite being in “princess mode” while shooting for this year’s cover story, Bullock, 50, insists she just laughed when she heard about the honor. “No, really. I just said, ‘That’s ridiculous,’ ” she tells PEOPLE. “I’ve told no one.”


To me, that doesn’t sound like an actress being humble. It sounds like a smart woman that is confident enough in her own beauty to know she shouldn’t be considered the “World’s Most Beautiful Woman.”