The trailer for Seth Rogen’s new animated comedy debuted on Twitter last night. And yes, it is in fact called Sausage Party.

Judging from the preview alone, Sausage Party is exactly what you’d expect – an idea so out there that you can’t help but laugh and wonder how someone actually thought of it. Or, if it’s even real.

Endless with sexual innuendos, the ensemble of comedians they brought in for this is extraordinary (think Superbad but animated).

Here’s a brief rundown:

Sausage Party

Loaded up like a Chicago dog.

I guarantee that Rogen thought of this idea while smoking copious amounts of weed on the set of This Is The End. Oddly enough, that’s probably an idea that was conceived while smoking copious amounts of weed on the set of Pineapple Express.

Starting to see the pattern here?

Yeah, Seth Rogen smokes a lot of weed. And probably eats a lot of food.

Because of that, I have some cause for concern that Sausage Party will go too far like This Is The End did. I almost lost interest until Channing Tatum showed up wearing a dog collar.

That shit was pretty funny.

In summary, you can almost guarantee that this movie will piss off young parents, school administrators, and anybody who’s ever worked for PIXAR or Disney.