The 13th-ranked San Diego State Aztecs are by all accounts a quality team again this season under legendary coach Steve Fisher. So far, their only loss is a 2-point nail-biter to No. 3 Arizona.

But if SDSU has to put forward Skylar Spencer on the free throw line with a big game hanging in the balance, they might be in deep shit.

Skylar Spencer is an active big man for the Aztecs whose specialty is defense. He’s averaging nearly four blocks a game this season, after averaging a healthy three per contest last year.

So if swatting shots is Skylar Spencer’s forte, then shooting free throws is definitely his kryptonite.  Last night, he beautifully demonstrated as much in their game against rival San Diego.

Damn ball never had a chance. Might be time for coach Fisher to have Spencer stick around after practice and work on his abysmal 42% career mark from the charity stripe.

Of course, Skylar Spencer isn’t the first basketball player to airball a free throw. And even more importantly, he’s not getting paid to do so.

Spencer’s whiff got us thinking about some of the worst NBA free throws in recent memory, and there were plenty to choose from.

LeBron James

DeAndre Jordan

Tony Parker


(h/t cjzero)