Remember when Snapchat released the ‘best friends’ feature? And then we all turned into envious stalkers until, to our relief, it got nixed?

Well, it’s back in emoji form.

What Is Happening?

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t update their apps until they literally stop working (awkwardly raises hand), don’t feel too bad. After all, this Snapchat incarnation was pretty out of the blue.

In three sentences, I’ll get you caught up:

  1. Snapchat’s latest update includes emoji’s next to the names of the people you snap the most.

2. As the hieroglyphs of the 21st century, the various emojis – gold heart, flame, smirky face, sunglasses face, blush smiley face and gritting teeth face – each stand for how strong your ‘friendship’ is with your various Snapchat friends.

3. They’re private, which means only you can see these emojis.


You’re Tearing Us Apart, Snapchat. 

If you’re thinking to yourself, “this kinda sounds like the ‘best friends’ feature with emojis”, that’s because it is. The best friends feature, in case you blocked it out, creepily let you see who not only you snapped the most, but who your friends snapped the most.

It’s supposed to make Snapchat more of a ‘fun game‘, but it’s actually just stressing people out.

Since its growth, the app has become this invisible creepy force affecting our friendships and relationships. Quickly, it goes from a fun way to make friendship more entertaining to this societal paranoia that SNL writers would just drool over.

Criticism aside, the update did come with a few other cool additions that are getting overshadowed. For instance, the ‘low light’ setting allows you to brighten up Snapchats you take in dark setting.

Nonetheless, it’s the Emojigate 2015 aspect that’s getting the most attention.

And sure, it’s a little more private than ‘best friends’ was, but the ‘gold heart’ or ‘gritty teeth face’ still lets you in on where you stand with someone.

Which, of course, will only lead to questions like this:

“What do you mean we’re not at the ‘gold-heart’ level? Are you in gold-hearts with her? Does she snap better than I do?!”

This might all sounds like a 15-year-old describing their group drama, but it’s still true. No longer is best friendship enough unless there’s a Godforsaken gold heart and flame emoji thrown in.

It’s silly, and kind of exhausting at the same time.

I wouldn’t worry about it too much, it’s not like I’m obsessively thinking about my total lack of gold hearts with anyone.

Excuse me while I snap a picture of myself crying to my emoji-certified ‘best friends.’