The New Year is generally a calling card for everyone to look in the mirror and really evaluate their lives. I did that. But all I saw was a person pushing 25 and I instantly said to myself shit I’m getting old.

Then I took a look at this list of songs. And now I feel really old because has it really been 10 years since they came out?

I could hardly believe it.

I still remember where I was when I heard this songs for the first few songs. And I still remember not being able to watch Shakira’s “Hips Don’t Lie” music video around other people without being embarrassed because that’s how freaking young I was.

Welcome to a recap of every high school mixer you ever went to and the playlist the DJ most likely had approved by the the school administrators.

Songs Turning 10 In 2016

Hips Don’t Lie — Shakira ft. Wyclef Jean (February 2006)

Sexiest. Music. Video. Ever.

Crazy — Gnarls Barkley (March 2006)

Most. Annoying. Music. Video. Ever. (and song).

SexyBack — Justin Timberlake (July 2006)

This song still bangs.

Money Maker — Ludacris and Pharrell (July 2006)

This is like right before Ludacris made the full on jump to movies. But we can’t be mad because this song just absolutely blew up.

Temperature — Sean Paul (February 2006)

LOL. Really, that’s it. Just lol.

It’s Goin’ Down — Yung Joc (June 2006)

This song gave every white person ever a hope they could dance. I mean, just go scope your high school dances from 2006 and tell me otherwise.

Ice Box — Omarion (October 2006)

I have and Ice Box where this song used to be.

Hustlin’ — Rick Ross (March 2006)

Shea Serrano’s pick for the most important rap song of 2006. I agree. It’s a perfect choice, as Rick Ross reinvented gangster rap. Or fake gangster rap. Either way, it was dope.

We Fly High — Jim Jones (October 2006)

Ballin’! Tell me you remember anything else about this song other than ballin’!

Dani California — Red Hot Chili Peppers (April 2006)

It was this video in the list that really made me feel like an old bag.

I Write Sins Not Tragedies — Panic at the Disco (February 2006)

If you claim you didn’t go through an emo/scene phase in the mid-2000s you’re a liar. Panic! At The Disco creeped in to everyone’s musical lexicon at some point.

Chasing Cars — Snow Patrol (June 2006)

I really don’t know what the difference between the 2006 version and the 2007 version, but the song was released on June 6th, 2006 and has been a staple on every emotional playlist ever since.

Lips Of An Angel — Hinder (July 2006)

Yes, that’s Sloan from Entourage. And yes, “Lips of an Angel” was an awful song. But c’mon now, it’s Sloan.