After two months of teasing, it’s official: District 9 visionary Neill Blomkamp is going to direct Alien 5.

With Ridley Scott producing/writing and Sigourney Weaver hinting at being involved; this fangirl’s heart is bursting right out of her chest like an alien snake-baby (if you haven’t seen Alien, I’m sorry about that reference.)


Blomkamp posted a picture of the xenomorph on Instagram with the subtle caption, ‘Um…so I think it’s officially my next film.’ And about 20 minutes later (after what I can only guess was fans staring at the picture quietly singing ‘is this the real life…or is this fantasy?’) came the confirmation that yes, this is happening.

Our Two Biggest Questions, Though

Alien 5 is set to take place after the Prometheus trilogy, just like all the Alien films are. What’s unclear though is how they’re going to fit these two in:



(Neill Blomkamp’s Instagram)

Because, spoiler alert – both of them bit the dust in Aliens 3.

The franchise has toyed with cloning before, but Kane’s messed-up face was an injury not a birth defect. So how these two will waltz back from the dead? We’ll have to wait and see.

And the other thing we’re all wondering: What the hell is that thing on the right? It looks like it could be something that ties into Prometheus, but until then the Michelin man from hell remains a mystery.

Back up..why is this whole ‘Alien’ thing a big deal?

If this seems like a lot of hoopla over a sci-fi film, that’s because it wasn’t an overnight development. This is just the tip of an iceberg that’s been growing for two months.

Blomkamp started buzz about possibly making a new addition to the Alien franchise after he Instagrammed ten concept art photos in early January. But all hopes were built and brutally crushed in the caption, ‘Was working on this. Don’t think I am anymore. Love it though.”

Neill, you tease.

But then the star of the Alien films herself, sci-fi queen Sigourney Weaver – who’s in Blomkamp’s upcoming robo film Chappie – said that she would be interested in getting involved if the movie happened. And pretty soon, 20th Century Fox was saying, ‘hey, we dig this too.’

So, in a Hollywood miracle Blomkamp struck a deal with Fox and the rest is, or will be, cinematic history.

Okay…but still, why is this a big deal?

Going full-metal nerd, here; there are technically seven films in the Alien franchise. The first two? Amazing. The rest are all the weird cousins in the family that no one likes to talk about or make eye contact with.

‘Alien’ has yet to have a solid addition to their franchise since ’86, unless you count Prometheus as an Alien prequel, which director Ridley Scott does not (yeah, h’okay, Ridley).


The Alien franchise has had a long history of a new spin on a classic design: Alien (1979), Aliens (1986), Alien 3 (1993), Alien Resurrection (1997), Alien vs Predator (2004), AVP Reqiuem (2007), Prometheus (2012)

The franchise has had enough painful sequels to give fans a little reboot-PTSD. But Blomkamp loves Alien as much as fans do, and if anything can suck us back into that world, it’s his gritty style.

Bottom line – he gives a shit.

Between Blomkamp’s fanboy charm and the creator of the franchise himself taking control of the script, Alien 5 appears to be in good hands.

(Featured image courtesy of theterminatorfans)