That statement is true, if you’re basing it solely off of social media. Which in today’s day-and-age, is probably the most accurate and unfiltered method of determining statistics, trends and demographics on a worldwide (or regional) measuring scale.

During our daily scour of the internet, we came across the info-graphic included below. In doing so, we quickly discovered that among the dozen most popular sports teams in the world (again, based off of social media) – ten of them are soccer teams.

But with an estimated 3.5 billion fans worldwide, their world domination on social media is not surprising.

That leaves two remaining teams, both of which are NBA teams. Which of course, is also not surprising. Basketball is extremely popular internationally, and the National Basketball Association is the uncontested premier platform for the game’s talent.

What did startle us about this info-graph had nothing to do with soccer. It had to do with Chicago’s placement on it, and the clear evidence that the Jordan-era popularity has successfully transcended into the social media era for the Bulls. Based off of total Twitter and Facebook followers (which are the two most widely used social media platforms in the world), the chart below proves the following: the Chicago Bulls are the second most popular U.S. sports team in the entire world.

Not the New York Yankees or the Dallas Cowboys (America’s team). Just the Chicago Bulls.

And okay, maybe the Lakers.


Graphic courtesy of heactuallydoes

We don’t make the facts, people. We just spit the truth.