The biggest fan of The Hobbit isn’t a real person. Naturally, it’s a 13-foot dragon.

Brought to life by Weta Workshop, the studio behind the incredible visuals of The Hobbit and LOTR franchises, New Zealand’s Wellington airport now has a massive, animatronic Smaug crashing through its wall.

Complete with smoke-seeping nostrils and animatronic eyes, the marketing tactic was contrived to hype up The Hobbit: Battle of Five ArmiesWhile we can’t imagine the airport would say “no” to this request, we can start to imagine how hilarious their response was.

“Um, yeah. Of course you can build a giant dragon in our terminal. We can provide peanuts, coffee and plastic sledgehammers.” 

If their jaw-dropping scenery (and the All Blacks) wasn’t enough to entice you into making a trip to New Zealand, now you can go there just to take the selfie of a lifetime. Because if buying a $2,000 plane ticket to take a picture with a fake dragon is wrong, we don’t want to be right.

Then again, making “smart financial decisions” isn’t exactly our calling card.

Yes I was a typical tourist and took a picture 🙂 #NewZealand #wellington #smaug #wellingtonairport

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The dragon-sized dragon may be the sexiest statue at the airport, but it’s not the only one (nor is it the most terrifying). That honor goes to the giant fish-hunting Gollum that hangs above your head while you eat (and will likely cause a month-long series of horrifying nightmares). Because tiny spider-monkey-sized Gollum wasn’t terrifying enough, this giant one is crashing through your ceiling, snatching your trout up.

#myprecious probándose sus new precious. #wellingtonairport #NZ #thehobbit

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Need more proof that New Zealand’s airports are the perfect place for advertising oddities? Check out the safety video (below) by New Zealand Air.

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(Photos courtesy of some really cool Instagrammers)